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Add to the Beastmaster Advantages List ...

Right, the Advantage of "Can cast Find Familiar" SEVERELY needs to be mentioned in the Beastmaster's kit description. I would almost consider putting this in the Bug forum, but it's not a bug ... just a severe oversight. So, this mistake seems just a whoopsie, but just in case it isn't for some strange reason I'm putting this logic here:

As is, just look at that class as a newbie. It looks totally awful for BG1 in particular, when really it's not a half bad kit. You get a severely gimped armor and weapon repetoire for what ... +15% Stealth (which is less than the Stalker's +20%) and one extra spell when you hit level cap. Umm, yeah, no thanks. It's definitely worth mentioning the ability to have a Familiar ... it's part of what makes the kit so unique. The only non-mage kit that can get a Familiar? Sweet! That means an extra buddy to do some more damage at low levels, scouting runs, a few extra spells, and when you get to higher levels ... stuff him in your pack and you still have more HP. I would honestly call it a much bigger perk than the Stealth bonus, and that's mentioned.

Okay cool peace ~

TJ_Hooker[Deleted User][Deleted User]


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