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[BUG] Fisherman's Lake Hob-goblin does not talk first.

AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
edited February 2013 in Fixed
A hob-goblin found east edge of map. Should talk to you first for healing before attacking. He has a large amount of loot for an encounter (100gp) but at present just attacks.


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  • MagikGimpMagikGimp Member Posts: 30
    edited February 2013
    According to Dudleyville there's a wounded Hobgoblin who asks for money to treat his injuries. When I encountered him he was hostile however and died very quickly I can only presume due to being already injured although I didn't check his health so I can't say for certain. I can find the save if necessary to find out but the whole script is missing for sure. Was this taken out (for being too boring perhaps!) with a vanilla patch years ago possibly?

    NOTE: I don't know how to make links properly at this forum! For some reason it's added the URL of the forum to the beginning of it. It should be . I only used a basic a href tag.

    Fixed link. -Jalily

  • MagikGimpMagikGimp Member Posts: 30
    Sorry, I checked my other bugs first but must have been lazy with this one. Can someone tell me what I did wrong with my link? Ta.

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