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Redesign Wish spell?!

Here's the list of Wishes that can be granted from the truly awful to the very good:

Improved Haste on all enemies in the area
Level Drain all party members by 2 levels
Bring a Meteor Storm down upon the caster
Temporarily remove half of the caster's HP
Caster loses all memorized spells
Party loses 10,000 GP
Temporarily reduce the Strength of all party members to 3
Temporarily reduce the Dexterity of all party members to 3
Temporarily reduce the Constitution of all party members to 3
Temporarily reduce the Wisdom of all party members to 3
Temporarily reduce the Intelligence of all party members to 3
Temporarily reduce the Charisma of all party members to 3
Heal all enemies in the area
Temporarily remove 15% of all party members' HPs
Summon an extra hostile monster into the area
Everyone in the area, both party members and enemies, become intoxicated
Breach on everyone in the area, including the party
Blow all people, including party members, away from the caster
Heal everyone, party members and enemies included
Temporarily set Strength to 18 for everyone in the area, including enemies
Miscast Magic on everyone in the area, including party members
Magic Resistance on everyone in the area, including enemies
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting on everyone in the area, including the party
Incur bad luck on everyone in the area, including party members
Silence on everyone in the area, including party members
Haste everyone in the area, including enemies
Improved Haste on all party members
Breach on all enemies in the area
Restoration on all party members
Raise all party members' characteristics to 25 for 4 rounds
Resurrection on all dead party members
All party members gain the temporary ability Greater Deathblow
All party members gain the temporary ability Hardiness
Create a random wand in caster's inventory
Create a random potion in the caster's inventory
Make it as if the entire party has just rested a full night and re-memorized all their spells
Cast a double-length Time Stop and Improved Alacrity on the caster

This is what it does right now. If you are interested, please add your own ideas about this particular spell for the future release of BG2: EE. I think this is very rare situation where developers as well as fans can let loose their imagination and create truly interesting and useful spell.


  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited January 2013
    Permanently Reduces the caster's HP by 5 every time the spell is cast as a side effect. (the spell is supposed to age the caster by 5 years every cast, and that seems like a nice compromise to help reign in it's power)

    Raise an attribute of the caster's choice permanently by 1 to a maximum of 18) (can be applied to the caster or another party member (Dialog tree: Raise an attribute permanently by 1 > Select party member > Select stat (checks the selected characters unmodified stats and displays choices for stats of 17 or less).

    [Deleted User]IchigoRXC
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  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited January 2013
    They are actually. Though they're supposed to be EXTREMELY rare.

    They're even more powerful then wish spells for raising stats, as in PnP to raise a stat above 15 up to 18, it takes 10 wish spells per point raised. And once you hit 18 in a stat, if you're a fighter you wish your Ex str up 10% per wish, till 18/00, which then requires 10 more wishes to reach 19. Non-fighters simply require 20 wishes to go from 18 to 19. For stats other then str, above 18 each point requires 20 wishes.

    So letting the characters go from 15-18 in a stat with just one wish per point seems a nice compromise.

    The books simply grant +1 to the appropriate stat no matter what their score is, and skips from 18 straight to 19 when used for str. (though it takes 1 week to read through a book and gain the bonus, each time).

    In PnP You roll your stats before you pick your race, and you need to meet the minimums and be equal or less then the maximums to pick that race, BEFORE racial bonus/penalties are applied. After that, then you pick your class, assuming you meet their minimum or very rarely maximum stat requirements.

    In PnP Racial maximums are only for determining if you can be a particular race (only dwarves and halflings have racial maximums lower then 18. A player who rolled 18 dex or charisma can't make a dwarf, same for halflings who rolled 18 wisdom. After you've picked an allowed race for the stats you rolled THEN your racial bonus/penalty stats are applied, which can raise or lower them below minimums or above maximums without penalty). After creation, you can raise them to whatever you please by magical means.

    The only minor restriction to that is that a Halfling can NEVER have an Ex str score, fighter or not and requires 20 wishes to go from base 18 to 19 str.

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    [Deleted User]
  • PugPugPugPug Member Posts: 560

    Nonhumans also face level caps, with the sole exception of the half-elven bard.

  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited February 2013
    Which has nothing to do with the wish spell, aside from the fact that single class Half-Elf mages can never cast it, except from scrolls, and single class Gnomes/Elves can only cast it naturally if they have 18+ intelligence. (Gnomes and Elves cap at 15 while Half-elves cap at 12. Assuming the Gnome/Elf had 18 intelligence, that would allow them to exceed the cap by +3, and gain a 9th level slot. The Half-elf on the other hand could never cast it naturally, as the maximum amount you can exceed a cap is +4 for 19+ prime stats.

    The default rule for exceeding the cap only applies to Single class characters. And technically speaking, since BG doesn't use ANY form of the racial limits options, Demi-humans aren't supposed to be able to multiclass AT ALL, multi-class was compensation for the race caps, not directly for human dual-classing, since it allow a multiclass to become versatile and powerful up to the cap, but with fewer stat requirements and no downtime as compensation.

    Since BG doesn't use any form of the alternative options for race caps, it should remove Multi-class entirely (without the caps, they're way too powerful, especially with that gimp'd mess of HLA), and allow Demi-humans to dual-class just like humans with all proper restrictions, into any classes they're normally eligible for. And open it up for ANY class dual-classing for humans (within the rules of dual-classing of course). Humans would have greater dual-class variety (since several specialist mages are human only, as well as paladins, blackguards, and monks, with druids and rangers being much more restricted since only half/Elves can use those), but the demi-humans would have better racial stats and abilities.

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