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Baldurs Gate 2 to Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition Import/Export question.

RaphielDrakeRaphielDrake Posts: 41Member
Right now I'm playing through Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition... again.... and again... and again, waiting for Baldurs Gate 2 Enhanced Edition. Because I'm fairly attached to my character I've used the same guy on every full playthrough. Thanks to tomes and abilities this extremely well read sorcerer has afew tricks in his bag. (Its not cheating if its allowed by the game without modification, its new game plus at worst. No, don't argue. Its new game plus and you're just jealous, deal with it.)

The point is; I'm bored. My question is this; If I export my extremely awesome character which you wish you had to Baldurs Gate 2 right now could I export it from Baldurs Gate 2 to the enhanced edition when it is finally released.
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