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Revised World Map Test

CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,313
edited February 2013 in General Modding
Hello All,

There are a number of issues with the Vanilla BG and BGEE World Maps:
* Travel times are inconsistent between areas
* Travel between areas seems to take convoluted paths
* BGEE: Areas were shifted east on the map, resulting in crowding of areas on the East edge of the map
* BGEE: Game text says that Adoy's Enclave is East of Firewine Bridge, but it is south
* You could travel directly from Ulgoth's Beard to Durlag's Tower and the Cloud Peaks
* Areas are not near their FR canonical locations: Ulgoth's Beard, Durlag's Tower, Gullykin, Nashkell, others
* Travel time to/from, location of the Cloakwood Mines & Bandit Camp near the main road didn't make sense

All of these items are addressed with this mod, plus a number of other inconsistencies have been corrected and general clean-up of the data.

For now this is a unzip to your override mod containing the updated worldmap.wmp and an updated AR0400 (zombie farm). You will need to start a new game to see the effects of this mod.

I welcome any and all testers, and please let me know what you like and don't like! Keep in mind that you won't necessarily find everything where it was before - below is a graphic showing where all the areas are and what links they have. Let me know if you have any questions!

The two graphs attached give some of the data about the map:
The area graph edges show exit direction:time/4:arrival edge (encoded)
The encounter graph edges show exit direction:encounter probability:encounter area

Dudleyville is a good reference for AR numbers.

0.3 update: new art for AR3200 and AR3800 courtesy of @Yovoneth to remove overlap with Beregost since those areas aren't really adjacent. Moved link to GDrive since the file is pretty big now.

0.4 update: changed link from Gullykin to Durlag's Tower to a north exit, since the east side of the Gullykin map is not accessible. Added the encounter graph - hard to read, but provides some good info.

0.5 update: all the Durlag's tower links fixed.

0.6 update: cleanup of links and map edges so that links can be followed. Shortened travel times along the Coast Way (N-S road from Baldur's Gate to Nashkell)

0.7 update: fixed entry point for AR1800 (Cloakwood Mine)

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