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"I don't have time to bleed!" - Can Shar-Teel Fail Morale Checks?

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,573
Ok... I've played evil parties in Baldur's Gate for probably 10 years plus, and I've never seen Shar-Teel fail a morale check yet. I've not played her too terribly long in the enhanced edition, so maybe that changes, but I think that she must have some kind of crazy check or I'm just lucky. I've seen her dropped to 1 HP and never fail. She just utters her infamous Predator quote in all her bad-assery and continues to hack away.

Has anyone ever seen her tuck her tail and run? Wait... that's not a tail. Dang it Shar-Teel, I *knew* it!

TJ_Hookermlnevese[Deleted User]


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