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Do you use the TAB key to find the easter egg/hidden items?



  • ElectricMonkElectricMonk Member Posts: 599
    Yes, I use it now to more quickly pinpoint their exact location, although I could find them without it. I managed to find two of them (ankheg plate and another cache) without ever reading a faq back before the tab option was available, which actually was a pretty cool feeling as it just relies so heavily on noticing the pointer changing as it passes over some spot on the ground, and then spending ten (or possibly more) minutes scanning the area with the pointer until you find the spot. The tab key does kind of defeat the purpose of them since they're so blatantly visible now. If it were possible, I'd prefer that tab not highlight hidden containers like these.

  • Oxford_GuyOxford_Guy Member Posts: 3,729

    RedWizard said:

    I guess I should have worded it in a different way. Do you guys think it's cheesy to get those powerful like Ring of Wizardry early?

    This is a completely different question than the one in the poll.

    I voted "no" because I already know the locations of the items. That doesn't mean I don't take them.
    I use Tab in some locations to highlight barrels and chests, for example all the tents in the Bandit Camp, where 3 - 4 of 6 possible containers contain stuff. With the hidden items, it's easy to remember "ah, ring of fire protection is in the slightly darker rock". With tents that all look the same, why bother memorizing "in tent 3, it's barrels 1 and 2 and chest 6".

    The question if the items are cheesy has nothing to do with the general use of the Tab key. So to answer this:

    Do you think Imoen is cheesy?

    She's one of the highest stats NPCs and you get her super early. She comes with a magic wand and 3 health potions plus an oil of speed. All of that is more than you can find on the first two maps, and the stuff you can get for free on FAI isn't helpful (loot from hobgoblins you can sell - YAY). The missile wand is a lot better than Evermemory, which gives charname or Xzar a whooping 4 first level spells instead of 2.
    No way is the Magic Missile Wand, which only shoots one missile a round, better than the evermemory ring, the latter *doubles* the number of level one spells you can cast, so gets better and better as your mages level and can cast more level 1 spells (and don't forget magic missile, chromatic orb, spook etc. all get better as you level up).

  • elementelement Member Posts: 833
    edited February 2013
    i only use it to speed up finding things which im already aware of because i never exactly remember were they are. I still dont actualy know were most of the easter eggs are

    i dont just walk around with it on

  • clocknovaclocknova Member Posts: 23
    Hey, if some fool was stupid enough to bury a perfectly good set of Ankheg armor where I can find it, then they deserve to lose it. Same goes for the ring of wizardry. Plenty of RP explanations for why they might be there, and plenty of good RP reasons for me to find and use them.

  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    @Oxford_Guy: I meant for the assassin in FAI. The wand is usually what gives you the advantage, unless you are an arcane caster. If not, you can only give Evermemory to Xzar and his spells don't turn the tide. In the long run, of course the ring is better. But it's not overpowered when you find it.

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