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Help! - Recently Added Arcane NPC (Spoilers) - Unresponsive

AHFAHF Member Posts: 1,376
So I added Baeloth to the party for my current run through BG:EE. Charname was a level 4/5 F/T at the time he was added. Soon after being added, he was hit by a call lightning spell from the druids in the first cloakwood forest and taken down. I was trying to rush to Baldur's Gate to get Tiax so I finished running through the mines and then picked up Tiax in BG. I then proceded to knock off the basilisks and then raised Baeloth from the dead in a temple. When he was raised (I tried this in the Temple area and the Friendly Arms Inn area), he gains a HP and pops back up but he is immobile and unresponsive. I am left unable to travel any further than where I have to "gather my party."

If I have a character strike Baeloth he dies for good (as if chunked with the portrait removed) and then his image remains in place (standing still rather than crumpled on the ground but not occupying space as he can be walked through). Using a stone to flesh scroll does nothing. Using the Cntrl-R console command does nothing (either after he is raised by the priest or in lieu of the priest raising him). If I heal him to full health, any strike (say Tiax with a sling) automatically hits him, kills him and removes his portait. When he is raised, the -2 reputation applies and when he is killed reputation is adjusted back up 2.

I have two prior save games - one from the first cloakwood forest (quite a ways back) in which he raises normally and a second from prior to my getting Tiax in which the same problem occurs.

Anyone seen this before or have any ideas? Is this possibly a result of him wanting to deliver a dialogue that is now unavailable?

I am stumped.


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