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Why do I have to be a pansy with Parda?

This is something that has always bugged me, right from day one.

So my Elven Archer (or any other Charname) steps into the Priests Quarters in Candlekeep, and get's attacked by Shank. Luckily, my charname is a pretty stout lass, and she one-shots Shank with an arrow to the face from her composite long bow. Shank goes down like a sack of crap, and charname heads merrily out of the Priests Quarters, only to be approached by Parda.

First, Parda says "Charname, you cut yourself above the brow, there ...". Wait, what? When did that happen? Did shank cut my brow while he was eating my arrow? I don't remember Shank getting close enough ... maybe it isn't a cut, maybe it's just some splash back from shanks face.

Second, my only choices to respond to the mystery cut are:

1.) Oh, Parda! There was a man in there, he smelled like the stables, and he - and he tried to kill me, it was horrible ...


2.) It's - nothing Parda. One of the cats didn't like me petting it. I'm all right, really ...

Where's the "A greasy grubber jumped me in there, but I stuffed an arrow down his throat" option?

Obviously not a very big deal, but from an RP perspective, I've never liked this whole exchange.

In other news, can you tell who just started a new game?



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