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New stylized portrait pack



  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Iecerint said:

    Only 5 to go~!

    Actually 6 to go, since I left Yeslick out of the count earlier, but still I am quite close. It was hard to imagine being this close to finishing when I first started with Imoen a few months ago.
    Majoca said:

    I think these are so cool and the design is so twisted I like it, my gripe is with xzar, he doesn't look like that, but what you did with the background is brilliant, I would like to see his makeup and I'm sure he doesn't not have a beard thing.

    I appreciate the compliment. I can understand your gripe with Xzar, but personally I have never much cared for his original portrait. Based on his voice and personality I always envisioned him as being someone that would always seem a little "off" instead of a raving lunatic. There's no doubt that he's insane but I wanted a more subtle kind of insane. Along these same lines I've always thought of him as being more well-groomed and "normal" looking until you speak to him which is why I didn't go with the facial tattoos.

  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Yeslick is now in the portrait pack and now I only have 5 to go! (unless some more secret characters start showing up)
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    edited May 2013
    Though he probably isn't a secret to many at this point, the "secret" character now has a new portrait.

    It's Baeloth!
  • IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 419
    I like the Quayle portrait a lot.
  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 278
    Awesome work! You've remade them in an unique style :)
  • EntropyXIIEntropyXII Member Posts: 656
    edited June 2013
    I was waiting until you finished before I complimented your portraits. Very unusual and unique style - but excellent art all around. Yeslick is my favourite portrait. Some of these frighten me a little - ever see Salad Fingers? Whereas you are completely different artists with different styles I get the same vibe from both. :-O ...Tiax.... -shudders-
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Thank you both :)

    I think I know what you mean EntropyXII. With Tiax and with Xzar especially I can definitely say that the Salad Fingers vibe is something I was going for, even if I perhaps wouldn't have identified it as such at the time. With those characters I had a great time showcasing their particular breed of madness.
  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,450
    Amazing. These portraits touch something deep within me, especially the more macabre/scary ones. These portraits are not just characters posing, they tell stories. And some of them are instantly buried into my subsounciousness that I am pretty sure I will have weird, even scary dreams about them. I can look at some of them, take in the story and the mood of the picture, and have my own personal experience and feelings towards it. This is art. I like them.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Thank you lunar. That is exactly what I was hoping to do with these, to have the story of a character captured as much as possible in a single image. I appreciate your comment.
  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    Tiax is probably my favorite, and I rarely ever use him. I also think you nailed it with Skie. I like her and would take her along more often if she wasn't available so late. Her personality is not really annoying; it's meant to be bratty and naive and your version transports that a lot better than her original portrait. That looks like the grand aunt of Antonio Banderas or something and has nothing to do with Skie's character. Giving her brighter colors makes her look more "girly" and age appropriate than the dark tones in her original portrait.

    I'll keep an eye on this for charname portraits (I'm not petty enough to ask for a beholder, except I totally am. :)) and use this set in the future for my umm, non-beholder runs.
  • DaggerXIVDaggerXIV Member Posts: 22
    I've seen some of your portraits on Deviantart. Their style is so interesting.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Thanks guys.

    I know what you mean, KidCarnival, about Skie's original portrait. As soon as I actually used her in the game I saw how inappropriately it seemed to fit her.

    As far as charname portraits go, I think I will start a new thread. I'm working on a few now and once I have my current batch finished I will start that thread and will probably take portrait requests there.

    As far as the beholder goes, I will definitely consider it if I want to take a break from humanoids :)
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    If anyone is interested in suggesting their own characters for inclusion in the portrait pack, my new thread can be seen at
  • KidCarnivalKidCarnival Member Posts: 3,747
    I posted you a reference for the beholder in the new topic.
  • IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 419
    Hey, is the link to download the full set of images still on the deviant art page? I'm having trouble finding it....
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    You should be able to find the link in the description of any of the portraits. Let me know if you have any further trouble.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    It's finally time to start adding BG2 NPCs to the portrait pack! I will kick things off with Irenicus. I kept his design primarily the same, but decided to give him a more expressive background.

    Next will be new versions of Imoen, Minsc, and Jaheira.
  • IsandirIsandir Member Posts: 456
    I said it when you first started posting these, and I'll say it again: These are totally unique. I love the personal touches you add to each one, and as Lunar indicated, quite a few have a haunting aspect to them. Excellent work!
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    I appreciate the compliment. I've just finished the BG2 portrait for Imoen. I think this one might certainly be considered haunting.
  • ErinneErinne Member Posts: 151
    A blonde Imoen? That's a new one. Great work on the portraits though, very unique. Not something I'd use in my game, but I enjoy seeing your interpretations of the characters.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Thanks! Imoen's default BG2 portrait always looked blonde to me, and considering how different it is from her BG1 portrait I decided to base her physical characteristics more off of her BG2 portrait. My first portrait of her was more of yellow-golden blonde to represent her youth and vitality while her second portrait has a more pale and desaturated color to show that she has been "drained" in some sense compared to earlier.

    Anyway, another portrait is now finished. This is a second portrait for Jaheira.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Happy holidays everyone! I've just added a second portrait for Minsc.

    Personally I've never felt that Minsc really changes all that much in BG2 and that he doesn't really need a new character portrait, so I decided to use this portrait mostly as an opportunity to explore an alternate appearance for Minsc-adding hair and making him a little more battle worn.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Just bought myself BG2 EE and have gotten to check out Irenicus's dungeon (everyone's favorite place I'm sure). Minsc doesn't look as blonde as I remember him in the old BG2, so I decided to experiment with other hair colors and I think I like him with darker hair and skin better.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Yoshimo is now added to the portrait pack. For his portrait I wanted to show his laid back and carefree attitude but I also put a reference to the somewhat tragic development of his character later in the game.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    After a short break, I've added Aerie to the portrait pack. I've always liked her portrait and didn't really change too much. Just for contrast, I will probably be working on Korgan's portrait next.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    Korgan is now in the portrait pack. I quite enjoyed making his portrait as he is probably one of my favorite evil characters from the game.

    I'm not sure who I want to do next. I'm thinking it will probably be either Hexxat or Viconia.
  • jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
    I had a fairly productive day yesterday and managed to finish another character portrait. I decided to make one for Anomen. For his portrait I wanted to show the choice he faces between his aspiration and his fear and I removed his cocky smile for a look that is a bit more serious.

    On a side note, my mediafire account has been behaving strangely so it may be a few days before this portrait is incorporated into the portrait pack download.
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