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New stylized portrait pack

jakaminskijakaminski Member Posts: 100
edited November 2013 in Fan Creations
Hey everyone. I've been a long-time fan of the Baldur's Gate series and I've always thought about doing custom portraits for the game. My skills are not such that I can recreate the painterly style of the original game, though I think I have created something interesting with the art-deco, expressionist style that I've attempted with these portraits.

Below are some of my favorites among the ones I've done so far. All of them can be seen on my deviantart profile at which also contains a link to download the portraits for use in the game.

Currently there are 11 portraits. There are 9 NPCs finished and 2 of my protagonist characters. Eventually I hope to do all of the characters for Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 as well as a few more protagonists that I plan on making. My first round of portraits is based on the parties I am playing with currently, which is why I have a lot of evil characters finished. If you are interested in my portraits I will periodically update the zip file available on my deviantart account as I develop more portraits.

UPDATE: The portrait pack has been finished. All BG1 NPCs are included along with several additional portraits to use for CHARNAME. Currently I am working on expanding the options for CHARNAME portraits. The link to download all of the portraits is

Everytime I finish a new portrait it is usually added to the pack within a day or two. New CHARNAME portraits are being displayed in another thread (

UPDATE: I am now working on Baldur's Gate 2 NPC portraits. They will be added onto this thread.

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