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Game Crash (Durlag's Tower)

Had my first game crash in Durlag's Tower in the 3rd basement level. Killed the second Greater Wyvern in the back and the game crashed immediately. I attempted to find a .dmp file to send to Beamdog/Overhaul, but couldn't find it. I have the stand-alone game without the Beamdog Client and running Windows 7 if that helps. My question is, where/how do I get the .dmp file to upload and where do I send it? I've never had the game crash in single-player so I've never done this before. Also I attempted to use Google search workaround, but didn't find anything. If this needs to merge or something, please do.

Also a second question. My friend is having a rather difficult time with this game in the sense that he's had to buy the game four times to play (well 3 technically for himself and the 4th for his girlfriend). He's tried contacting Beamdog and they ask for a .dmp file before a refund. I don't know if you, Overhaul, could assist him, but he's very frusterated and just wants his money back for the first two purchases. I don't know his whole story obvisouly with contacting Beamdog and his games not working, but I can relay some info. All I know is that his game stops working for some reason and when he buys a new copy, it works just fine. Course he loses all of his data obvisouly. If a moderator could assist me with this too, I'll see if I can convience him to make an account here and talk to someone that could help more than I can. Thanks.

(I think I've read somewhere that @Aosaw helps with refunds. If not then sorry for casting Summon Nature's Ally VII)


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    edited March 2013
    My preference is always to try and get people's games working first, because if you can get it working then that's the best thing for everyone. I try to respond to refund requests as quickly as I can, though; maybe I misread an earlier message, but I'll take another look today.

    As to your friend's issue, that really shouldn't be happening.

  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    .dmp files are in Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition\crash.

  • WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
    @Jalily I'm not seeing a crash folder. Should I make it and the .dmp files will load there automatically next time the game crashes? Or is the whole folder and .dmp created when the game crashes?

    I got past the issue however, but that doesn't mean another one won't show up. Thanks.

  • EarthlingEarthling Member Posts: 13
    edited March 2013
    I'm having the exact same problem. Durlag's Tower, Level 3, kill the second wyvern and my computer locks up.

    The game's been running fine for a few months and I've played through it 3 times. This happened on the same day I installed the newest patch, though I'm not sure if it's related or not since I skipped the basement in Durlag's Tower during my other games.

    I've found the crash folder but there's no files inside. I doubt the program can even make a .dmp file, since when the game crashes my entire system locks up instantly and I have to restart it.

  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    Yeah, if the game freezes or locks up, it won't generate a crash file.

    The problem with dying wyverns is known and registered. It's an animation bug that triggers when they die facing east.

    @Wiggles The folder is supposed to be created automatically; did your game crash or freeze?

  • EarthlingEarthling Member Posts: 13
    Thanks, @Jalily, but it seems the dying wyvern isn't causing my problem.

    I just twice tried the game again with the intention of getting the wyverns to face a different direction before I slay them, however in both attempts the game locked up before I got to the wvyerns. I've got it saved right after the group of monsters join you, with the wyverns just in the darkness to the west of me. The first attempt crashed as soon as I moved, and the second try it locked as soon as I clicked on the "select all party members" button.

    Not quite sure what to do now.

  • EarthlingEarthling Member Posts: 13
    I've identified the cause of my problem and found a way around it. It was the group of creatures that appeared to assist my party.

    I noticed when I load my saved game, the beasties are in my party but not selected. It's once their selected that the game freezes. I went off to battle the wyverns without them (taking care to make sure they weren't facing east when they were slaughtered - which wasn't easy) and the game didn't freeze.

    Oddly, whilst I was dispatching wyverns, the friendly monsters began to fight amongst themselves. When I returned after slaying the last wyvern, there were only 2 creatures standing - a siren and a hobgoblin - and both were hostile. A quick mop-up of those 2 and some corpse looting and I was able to proceed, crash free. So far.

  • WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
    @Jalily The game freezes. However, I wasn't using those NPCs. I'm past it now with the wyverns dead so I don't have any issues.

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