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Unkillable Tenya

ThermosThermos Member Posts: 13
So I got the quest to go kill Tenya, and then, after fighting her for a brief bit, she was all "why are you doing this" and told her side of things to me and then I selected that I didn't trust her or the fishermen. After that she turned blue, but I (in keeping with my dialogue choice) attacked her to turn her back red, and she was already at "near death" from our earlier skirmish. However, I kept doing copious amounts of damage to her and she never died; after several hundreds of damage failed to kill her I left and returned to the fishermen and killed them. I've yet to return to Tenya to try killing her again, so I've no idea whether this problem will persist. Perhaps this was caused by her dialogue interrupting our fight right when she was about to die?


  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    edited March 2013

    I've checked dialogue and script with NI in v2014.

    In particular I've checked the dialogue option chosen by @Thermos and the more aggressive answer that makes Tenya hostile again. They both set the variable TenyaHit to 2, but her script removes "minhp1" only if TenyaHit is less than 2.

    Edit: It looks like "minhp1" somehow wasn't destroyed when the "why are you doing this" dialogue was triggered and afterwards it can't be destroyed because TenyaHit is set to 2.

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  • ThermosThermos Member Posts: 13
    I went back to Tenya today, and while she started out as uninjured this time (but still hostile, I guess she doesn't forgive or forget) she still refused to die after I brought her to near death and dealt a ton more damage. Not sure if that would be obvious from what you discovered Erg, just thought I'd update that this does seem to be permanent once it's occurred. Thanks for looking into it Erg!

  • BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,746
    @Cerevant I assigned this to you #2744
    You can remove that if you don't have the time but since you know this quest rather well :D

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    *looks at last post date*

    Sorry about that guys. Okay, here's the logic as implemented:

    Tenya is given minhp1 (immortality item) if you give one of the dialog choices that will cause her to attack but give up after a short time of fighting. The trigger for this is TenyaHit < 2 (defaults to 0) and hit by a party member. The code that initiates the dialog is in the same block as the removal of minhp1, so if you see the "Why do you do this?" dialog she should no longer have the item, and be killable.

    I tested this on the production build today, and she died as expected.

    @Thermos - if you are still able to reproduce this, can you check the following:

    * Confirm the version that you are running - near the top of the startup screen there should be a number like 1.0.20xx (e.g. 1.0.2012, 1.0.2014, etc) - let me know what it is
    * Do you have any mods/fixpacks/etc installed?
    * Enable debug mode if you haven't already

    1) When Tenya initiates combat, mouse over her and type Ctrl-M then Enter. If you scroll back in the text, do you see a reference to minhp1?
    2) Ctrl-Space then CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("TenyaHit","GLOBAL") - what value?
    3) Attack Tenya until she initiates dialog
    4) After you are out of dialog (regardless of choice) repeat 1 & 2


  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    @Tresset - if you have some time, can you try to reproduce this? I'm not seeing a logic flaw in the code, but that doesn't mean there isn't one :)

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,182
    @Cerevant I tried but could not reproduce this with the OPs methods. I was however able to produce a similar situation. If you do lots of hits on her she will cancel her dialog to continue to attack you. If this happens she keeps her HP1 item and becomes unkillable. I was unable to get the HP1 to stay after she has a dialog and turns neutral but she does sometimes fail to dialog and thus become unkillable.

  • Awong124Awong124 Member Posts: 2,643
    I usually give her the bowl, then kill her when she tries to teleport away.

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    Thanks, I'll take a look at that scenario.

  • BasillicumBasillicum Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 400
    I've found a way to reproduce this bug as many times as I want, both in 1.0.2014 and in the new beta patch.

    1. Acquire the quest "The Fishermen and the Priestess" from Sonner and his bunch.
    2. Speak to Tenya and choose option 3: "Um, they did send me, but (...)"
    3. Speak to Tenya again and choose option 1: "They did send me, but (...)"
    4. Fight Tenya until she initiates dialogue again, and choose option 2: "I don't trust you OR Sonner's bunch."
    5(3). Speak to Tenya again and choose option 1: "They did send me, but (...)"
    6. A fight with Tenya will commence once more, and pretty soon it seems a little bit like she attempts to initiate dialogue with the player again (as in step 4), but no dialogue pops up, and Tenya is now unkillable.

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,314
    Awesome, found the problem in the code. Thanks!

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