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Sorcerers can't pick wraithform

TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,182
edited March 2013 in Fixed
Expected behavior: When learning spells of a certain level all spells at that level are available to be chosen from during level up/creation.
Current behavior: When sorcerers get their first pick of level 3 spells wraithform is not on the list of available spells.

This is only an issue if you want wraithform as your first level 3 spell pick at character level 6 because after that you are able to pick wraithform at subsequent levels. I think the reason for this is that in BG2 there were no more than 24 spells available to choose from per level so one space on the 5x5 choosing board was disabled to avoid confusion. The button is still disabled and as wraithform comes in as a 25th spell it is in effect pushed into the disabled button and unselectable until another spell is removed from the list by being picked. I assume that deciples have the same problem.


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