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hardest boss in forgotten realms history?



  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190
    Impossible to determine who the hardest final boss in FR history is. I haven't run a D&D campaign set in FR yet.
  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,701
    AO? if you make yourself important enough to become his enemy after all. Lady of Pain is, as the name, a pain in the ass to many gods.

    I read somewhere once that the abyss in Forgotten Realm is somehow demi-aware and killed an entire pantheon once that tried to destroy him, i just can't remember where i read this,

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,020
    Dave's Challenge from Pools of Darkness--Gothmenes, Kalistes, Tanetal, and Thorne all at the same time? With all your spells stripped away? Ridiculous.
  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
  • VishnuVishnu Member Posts: 66
    My memory may be betraying me, but I believe that on my first run of TOB (after having defeated Irenicus for first time), Abazigal's son, Draconis, is the one who defeated me the most by far. I had a quite underwhelming party setup (with matching gear), so it was quite nasty.

    Then I tried tactics and improved Ilyich was kinda ridiculous, so was Tor'Gal (the troll from Nalia's castle).

    I also tend to reload a lot after fighting vampires, but that's because I hate walking around with negative levels or having to use lots of slots for restoration/protection spells.
  • ChowChow Member Posts: 1,192
    It's not the use of Restoration spell that I mind: it's that it wipes out a lot of memorized spells if they get the wizard or cleric.
  • EdwinEdwin Member Posts: 480

    I have tried several times and always wind up chickening out.
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    Aumvor the Undying... Like Larloch, he's an epic level Netherese Lich. Except he divided up his phylactery into many, many pieces via an epic spell he invented. He can be thwarted maybe, but he's about as unkillable as you can get.

    The Shades had some pretty insane leaders too.
  • ZanathKariashiZanathKariashi Member Posts: 2,867
    edited July 2013
    Yeah...but does he have a literal army of thousands of epic level liches and tens of thousands of ancient vampires you have to try and hack your way through before you even get a crack at the man himself?

    Larloch could very likely conqueror all of Faerun if the notion to do so struck him, but he's too obsessed with his own research to bother and simply wants to be left alone.....hell, he gave Szass Tam 2 Netheril artifacts just so he'd stop bugging him with sendings.
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    Well, unlike Aumvor, Larloch supposedly didn't age very well. As in, he's basically nuttier than Cyric, though less megalomania. I thinks it's understood that Larloch is best left to his meandering thought fragments; dude would probably go all Ur-Priest and depose Ao. Warlock's Crypt is really best avoided, unless The Tomb of Horrors is your bag.

    Aumvor has an army of zombie elves iirc. Not quite as good, but he's also sane still. Uglier than the Night Serpent's droppings though.

    I suspect the shades would have been about the top in terms of armies... Quite a few ridiculously high level casters, many being shadow weave users.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,305
    Edwin said:


    I have tried several times and always wind up chickening out.

    As you should be! :D

  • MichailMichail Member Posts: 196
    Hm... they all pale before the Tarrasque... (not the flying one).

    And I never managed to kill Kangaxx or the two beholders in Eye of the beholder II either.
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