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Broken swords and broken heads.

NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
edited February 2014 in Fan Creations
The large brute stood not far before him. Crying out about crushing and goo, but the young adventurer cared not for such threats. He was filled with grief and fear, and in these emotions he found conviction and rage. Grabbing his sword by two hands, he ignored the shouts of the more experienced adventurers as he charges forward recklessly to the muscled giant of a beast known as an ogre.

The others did only what they could. Khalid and Jaheira knowing full well the dangers of this beast. Jaheira cursed the stupidy of Gorian's ward as she made a mental note to prepare more healing spells, and Khalid charged forward hoping to wound the beast before it could do much harm.

Sanity returned to Gorian's ward as he felt the beast's flail scrap across his armor, he looked beside him to see Khalid and Jaheira in the fray with him, and he noticed behind the ogre the feet of Montaron dancing about as he stabbed the beast behind his back. He was glad to have such useful companions alongside him, though he had to admit Xzar's tactic of biting the ogre's ankles and stabbing at his feet with his dagger after his spells had run out was less then useful.

The beast was bruised, as was he. It seemed a contest to see who could take more punishment. He looked up at the huge bloated head of the ogre, arrows sticking out of his face from Imoen's bow. With one final thrust he swung his sword at the beast's head.

It fell unto the ground, broken, beaten, and with its face well and certainly ruined. He lifted his sword and noticed it felt lighter. Upon looking at it, the blade had broken off and left him with just a hilt. He had gotten this sword at Candlekeep and knew not where he would find another. He picked up the ogre's flail, claiming it as his prize and weapon of choice for now. He pointedly ignored Xzar's continued gnawing of the ogre's leg.

He turned to find Jaheira glaring at him "You waste our time and you risk your life on such foolish things! We could have easily passed this ogre by!"

Gorian's ward looked towards her. Bloody and bruised, he spoke "It saw me and charged at me about to swing its weapon. It was violent and deadly. Better we kill it then let it go on and murder the next person to come across it."

Jaheira's voice grew more irritated as she spoke "Then we'll be killing half the monsters on the sword coast before we get to Nashkel! You needn't distract yourself so constantly with every foolish task that comes your way."

Gorian's ward simply shrugged "I stand by what I said."

Jaheira's voice grew calmer, but still as stern as ever "And it has cost you your health, your sword and our time. I hope it was worth it." She began to walk onward, not waiting to see if she was being followed. Khalid gave Gorian's ward a encouraging, but hopeless, smile as he followed her. Montaron and Xzar soon followed, Xzar somehow having cut off the ogre's fingers and making a rather morbid necklace.

Imoen gave her friend a pat on the shoulder "Don't you worry about them, we'll save the day, ogres and all." with that she bound forward after the rest of the group, carrying in her hand two belts she had found.

Gorian's ward smiled and gave the ogre's flail a few experimental swings. He felt good, despite the lecture. He had seen the world, in all its cruelity, and knew now what he had to do.

Everything he can.

Gorian's ward, The holy Cavalier, the spawn of Bhaal, and also Yotama to his friends, began to follow his companions. He had lost one life, and gained a new one. He would make the best of it.


Long story short, when I met the ogre with the belt of gender change I sent my guys after him without proper preparation to see how I'd do (I saved first, of course) and was surprised by how I not only beat him, but did so without any heavy losses...Besides my sword.

He actually died when I made a critical hit with my paladin's great sword, wich then broke. I was okay with it breaking, because breaking a two handed sword in an ogre's skull was the greastest thing ever.

Around the sixth or seventh broken great sword I was less then okay with it. I swear, no one else's weapon's broke but my swords were made of plastic or something. I nearly cried when I finally found a magic one.

Anyways I decided to attach a story to the event and I decided to share it with people, just for fun.

Mind you, I had a few other stories I made of Yotama's adventure, including his breaking apart from Jaheira and Khalid, and the time Viconia, Shar-teel and Mr.Spoiler all abandoned him at possibly the worst possible time, and a story idea that has nothing to do with him but everything to do with Shar-Teel's past but I want to see if this story gets any positive reactions before I attempt another. Apologizes for bad grammar or spelling. Feel free to proof read.

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