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custom AI script vs Launcher

Hi, I've added a custom AI script using the instructions found here:, which modifies the dialog.tlk file and adds a SCRPDESC.2DA file to the override directory. However, now the launcher (rightly) detects that there are local changes and gives me the option to either restore or launch the game.
Is there a better way of adding a custom AI script (perhaps to a local override or scripts directory) that allows the launcher to continue to do its update thing without complaining about local changes?

Best regards,


  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,950
    It will always detect local changes as it has no way of knowing if a local change is intentional or result of file corruption. It does not stop it from checking for updates, though and it will notify you normally if an update is detected.

  • Brett_RylandBrett_Ryland Member Posts: 3
    Thanks @minevese, good to know that I won't miss updates. :-)
    I was, however, hoping that it would be possible to put the script and required additions to SCRPDESC.2DA and dialog.tlk somewhere in the /Users/$USER/Documents/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition directory so that they could be read in and merged when the game starts (kinda like conf.d folders in linux) and avoid touching the main BG:EE game folder.

    On a side note: the modifications to dialog.tlk actually caused the game to freeze whenever I entered a buy/sell or rumours screen (and probably elsewhere too), so I've put back the original dialog.tlk. The script still works and I can see the script name in the character's "Record" screen, however the script shows up in the "Pick Script" screen as "Missing String [#32150]".

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,950
    hmmm I remember the beta version detects even changes in the override folder but I never tested if a single change in portraits, for instance, would be detected. Not on my Mac right now but I'll test it later :)

  • GoddardGoddard Member Posts: 134
    Is this script for your character?

  • Brett_RylandBrett_Ryland Member Posts: 3
    @Goddard: no, it's for mages in general, particularly Baeloth the sorcerer. The order of the spells in the mage1 script cause him to run into combat to cast burning hands, when he could be standing in the back row casting magic missile or Melf's acid arrow, so I copied the mage1 script and changed the spell order.

    I've since removed the SCRPDESC.2DA file in the override directory (since the script description wasn't working) and now I get "CUSTOM (MAGEMM)" at the bottom of the "Pick Script" screen and the launcher doesn't complain about local changes even though there is an extra script in the scripts directory.

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