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[BG2] The Sellswords mod - testing

kulyokkulyok Member Posts: 33
I've got a new BG2 quest mod for you to play. It's fun, it's ready, and it's set in the Underdark! I'm a huge fan of Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle from the Sellswords trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, so I named the mod accordingly.

The mod begins in Chapter 6 as soon as you enter Waukeen's Promenade in Athkatla. Throne of Bhaal expansion pack is required. You meet Kimmuriel Oblodra, travel with him to Menzoberranzan, confront a Matron Mother, rescue Jarlaxle, meet Artemis Entreri, kill bad guys(or good guys). In other words, it's a new adventure.

And I really, really, really need beta-testers.

Q: How ready is it?
A: It's fully playable, several people tested it, and all content is in. I'm waiting for some additional voicing, but that's it.

Q: Is it compatible with other mods?
A: Yes, it should work fine with them. It doesn't touch the worldmap. If you've got a game in progress, you can install this mod and continue playing.

Q: Are there new areas?
A: There are nine areas in total. Three of them are completely new.

Q: How many quests are there?
A: The major quest, which includes several subquests, four additional small quests and four mini-quests.

Q: It's not for BG:EE! Go away!
A: Right, but it will be for BG2:EE eventually - BG2:EE WILL be released one day, and I'll certainly make the mod BG2:EE compatible. Wisp has just released a Weidu beta with BG:EE-compatible journal entries, by the way.

I really want to release a safe, tested product, which means checking new areas on several different machines and installations. And your message "Hey, I played your mod, there were no major issues" would help a lot.

To become a beta-tester, you need to:

- post in this thread, indicating you'd like to beta-test the mod, or PM me on this forum, and I'll send you a message with the link to the beta.

- register and post at Pocket Plane forums, and I'll add you to the beta forum:,28431.0.html

- or PM me for the link at or, whichever you prefer.

But if you prefer to, say, read the new Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality chapter(coming out this weekend), I more than understand. :) And if you join the testers but it turns out you're too busy to play, it's totally OK, too - real life happens to us all.

Some more information about the mod can be found here:,28430.0.html

This is probably it. Oh: all permissions from the artists have been obtained for all new portraits. Lava Del'Vortel, the author of Colours of Infinity series, is the area artist for this project(you should really try his Tales of the Deep Gardens), and together with K'aeloree they voiced Two Bad, Bad Guys. So it's going to be quite a show.



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