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"Improve Ai" request.

ValexioValexio Member Posts: 17
edited July 2012 in Feature Requests
Hi, I was thinking about ai scripts, would be really more realistic to make an option that could flag your teammates as "independent" and make them follow, grab items from the floor, and learning/organizing spells.. especially in multiplayer games, people often has to command other guests simply because they are necessary for quests and i feel it loses something in term of realism and gameplay, when someone can move only his own character and someone else has to keep guests in order to complete the storyline or so..


  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,131
    I agree wholeheartedly. The NPCs in your party should be able to drink healing potions when needed for instance. It´s pretty easy to have one of your characters killed in a big battle if you don't have the right autopauses turned on.

    Also the AI should be able to auto heal mainly after a battle. It isn't nice seeing your priests and paladins doing nothing expecting your orders while the mage is bleeding to death :)

    Also all summons need better AI. It's frustrating to summon a djinn and then see that he never casts a spell or summon some big animal and then see it stays in the spot it was summoned doing nothing. If I summon a killer bear next to an enemy I expect it to attack that enemy with everything it has :)

    I particularly prefer my npcs and summons to be a little more independent, but I also think that any AI improvement should be optional. Some people really like to micromange every aspect of their parties and should be allowed to do so. It's their game after all.

    Even better if the improvements are configurable, so that I can order my mage to use the wand I gave him when he sees fit or just hold it until I order him to use it, for instance.

  • ValexioValexio Member Posts: 17
    bump for greater justice

  • LinkamusLinkamus Member Posts: 219
    I never use the AI at all. I like having 100% complete control of all of my party members and everything they do.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,131
    @Linkamus That's exactly why I said any such improvements should be optional. I don`t like to micromanage. I prefer a better AI. You don`t ,we both like the game anyway :)

  • LinkamusLinkamus Member Posts: 219
    Ya, I'm not against improved AI.. Maybe I just shouldn't have said anything, hah.

  • KonabugaKonabuga Member Posts: 135
    I'm trying to think how you could get the AI to do anything other than attack with spells/swords/arrows and to drink health potions. How could you get the AI to cast a protective spell, or drink a protective potion at the right time, or know what spells are the most useful to memorize? Would they resurrect other party members back to 1hp, just so they would die again instantly by the mobs surrounding them? What if your mage picks up tons of garbage off the ground and can't move anymore?

    If it could work, which I doubt, then what the hell. Why not? I've never really played any BG in multiplayer before, so I guess it would help in that situation.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,131
    @Konabuga Then I would say it's a terrible AI...

    f you want to see a relatively good AI, take a look at BP Series AI on Big Picture mod. It does some intelligent things like:

    Make a character that has a cure posion potion in his inventory give it to someone in your party who is actually poisoned and who will, in turn, drink it.

    Make your healer(s) heal the party duuing and after combat (it`s a toggle, you can turn party healer AI off during combat for instance).

    Automatically renew some long duartion spells like ironskin.

    This is the kind of AI I`d like to see as default in the game. Of course any AI script will make dumb decisions, but a well written one can reduce micromanagement a lot.

    And let's not forget the terrible summons AI...

  • ValexioValexio Member Posts: 17
    some kind of "auto-follow" is the priority for me

  • ValexioValexio Member Posts: 17
    bump for auto-follow npcs script

  • GhostieGhostie Member Posts: 2
    I'd like to see mage scripts actually include important spells like Flame Arrow etc, always bugged me that Mages are happily casting lightning bolts and fireballs killing teams mates but will resort to physical combat after they run out of Magic Missiles over Acid Arrows...

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