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Lvl 7 / 7 final Saving Throws. Gnome F/M

ogrebogreb Member Posts: 98
+8 (-2)
-5 (-9)
-1 (-12) ( Updated) Adoys belt
+3 (-9)
-2 (-7)

With temp buffs and potions these are all lowered by another 7.

Since I'm stuck with lvl cap and I can't think of any item that would change it before the last fight.
Just finishing Durlags...have final Ulgoths Beard demon battle, Candlekeep and Saravoek to go.

Maybe not spell proof but pretty close. I soloed the guys stuck in that ice vs vs spell.
Had Imoen ( invisible ) lagging behind with an Arrow of Dispelling to poke me in the butt if I lost a roll. I just ran in and beat the crap out them ,3 on 1 etc, watching those save vs spells roll by.

And I did not handicap him as a fighter
AC -7
Thaco 7
DPS is the same if not better then Khalied and Minsc.

And now with Stoneskin available ? Add that and Blur and Mirror Image ? Boots of Cheetah.( Plus I already have Blur from Cloak of Displacement and the Claw.)
Those mages don't know what hit them.

Pebbles the Mage Killer is going to rule in BG2 ! ( Since STs go nowhere but down )

Interestingly enough ,even wearing the Claw, I never got poisoned again. Either Wyrmm, spider, arrow or what have you.

This vertically challenged spitfire has been a hoot to play.

If I find any more ST stuff I'll update.

I could have just cheated my character to see what the end results would be...but what fun is that ?

Back to looting Durlags ( need a mule to carry all the stuff in this place ) Who knows maybe before the end I will find something to add to my ST collection.


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