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Icewind Dale 1 Modding Issue?

VarwulfVarwulf Member Posts: 563
edited August 2013 in General Modding
Greetings fellow BG/IWD fans. I recently took the advice of our good Wikkid_Suhn on another thread about installing some mods to IWD. IWD is a game I never fully completed (but got pretty far into in the past), but there were always some things I would have liked to have seen differently, thus my going the route of installing some mods. However, I have a strange issue in my game.

Here is the list of mods in the order of which they were installed:
1. Tweak Pack
2. Auril's Bane (skipped Grog's fixpack)
3. IWD Fixpack
4. Improved BAMs
5. High Quality Music (I actually didn't install this one, because it was horribly garbled/sped up on my machine)
6. Unfinished Business
7. Icewind Dale NPCs

Here is the issue I am having, or at least the only known issue so far:

In the orc cave just outside of Easthaven, I stumbled on this item off one of the shamans.
"A massive club, this weapon used to belong to Tribe." Eh?
"before his kinsmen realized that he was dead." NOT IDENTIFIED Smart Cleric/Ranger. What?

I am certain I screwed something up with one of the mods, but - if anyone has any further insight it'd be much appreciated. Will I most likely have to start over in the game do you think? Will exporting my characters first cause any harm? As far as modding the infinity engine goes, I am more or less a n00b, so forgive my many questions.


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