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Mandatory IWD2 Request for Mods

VarwulfVarwulf Member Posts: 563
Though I haven't made it explicitly clear to everyone, since BG:EE I have been going through BG2 and IWD a lot lately and will be making a stab at IWD2 again hopefully relatively soon. I have found on the forum many great suggestions for mods for BH2 and IWD, but haven't discovered a whole lot for IWD2. I was wondering if anyone had a good list of suggestions for me in that regard.

For reference, I pretty much installed all of the tweaks, fixes, etc, for IWD as well as Unfinished Business and Auril's Bane. I'm not really the type of person to add any of the NPC mods, etc to the IWD games but new NPCs in BG/BG2 are definitely of interest to me.

With that being said, Planescape Torment is also on my to do list, which is a game I have actually not played much at all before in the past. If anyone has some great suggestions for PT mods as well I would definitely be all ears.

Thanks for taking the time to read and to post :)


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