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Baldurs Gate 3 Area, Settings, Predictions/Theories



  • wojtekwojtek Member Posts: 311
    edited September 2013
    i hope that is obvious for Overhaul Games , that if BG3 is going to happen , it should be box edition and dubbed for different languages !

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    I think that's counting the eggs before the chicken has evolved from protoplasm.

    There is no indication aside from some outdated remarks that BG3 is being worked on, in whatever form. There are some dated fringe remarks about "maybe it would be cool to do it", that's about it. And with the latest D&D release wrapping up the BG story, I doubt they'll want to revisit the franchise anytime soon. Even if they do, with the leaps in technology, rules, and game design in general, it will be a completely different game than anyone here expects. Keep in mind, even if the project was greenlighted today, development would take YEARS. Think of how rapidly things change in the gaming world! Talking about boxed copies and such is ludicrously speculative for something so far in the future. Also: boxed copies are dead, and that's a good thing. Stop wasting plastic on disc cases.

  • BolekBolek Member Posts: 60
    @wojtek - dude, sure will be that way

  • TieokenTieoken Member Posts: 23
    edited November 2013
    I'm hoping for more exploration to the East. Maybe a waltz from Baldur's Gate to Thay crossing through the Moonsea and the Great Dale and all that fun stuff. Another really fun starting point would be Halruaa, I get the goosebumps just thinking about that one.

    As for a starting point maybe you have famous ranger whose child gets sick and he/she takes him/her to a good-aligned dragon to heal him/her and you get a bit of the dragon's power in the character who, surprise, acts as the protagonist. This causes him to become tangled up in a war between the dragon gods, maybe be conscripted by either Bahamut or Tiamat depending on your alignment.

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