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Original UI

MathuzzzMathuzzz Member Posts: 203
edited September 2013 in General Modding
as an old school BG player and infinite lover of this game, I had a nostalgic urge to see the old UI in the game. It may be low-res, but I still find it very nice to look at. Texture resolution was never that important to me, neither do I think it defines the quality of graphics. Texture desing, not full HD resolution defines it´s quality.

So I just tried to put old BG textures to EE main menu and here is the result. I think it looks nice, if I have enough patience, I would try to remake more game windows. It is combination of textures from vanilla BG and Tutu GUI for BG1.

Also, I´m an amateur, so don´t expect miracles :)

There are two versions. One with Tutu wooden trim and one with just pure texture.

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