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Minsc is Leveling Up Too Much

I am playing BG Tutu w/the following Mods:

scs-v21 (- Tactical Challenges)

I just considered adding Minsc who I have changed to a Berserker w/Lvl1NPCs. When I did so, he jumped up to Level 4. I read somewhere where this happens if you use Lvl1NPCs to change an NPC to Barbarian, but not to Berserker.

Here's my question. Does anyone know if it'll happen again when he levels up next? If it'll only level up to level 5, that might be okay but if he'll jump up to level 8 or something that won't work. The problem is that if I wait to find out, that'll be hours of lost game time for me since I play slowly and usually only get any time in on the weekends.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'd be happy to carry on w/my party as is w/o Minsc but wanted to know the answer to my question before I decided.



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