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Going to give BGEE another try.

SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
Alright i have completed it twice since release and seen the new content, it didn't really do much for me and i kept playing BGT instead but i'm going to sit down and give it another try.

I didn't use any mods other than BG2 tweaks for my BGEE installation and i got a few questions.

1.) How many bugs does SCS have with the version of BGEE we have now? Is it game breaking?

2.) Are there any mods out there for BGEE that are new and you couldn't get for BG2?

3.) Any worthwhile mods for BGEE?

4.) Is there any estimation of when 1.2 will be out? I have seen this question many times but never really had any answer. We already got a date for BG2:EE but nothing for the latest patch of BGEE?

5.) I'm not sure if i should wait for 1.2 or play a game now...


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