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(Simple request) Soul Reaver +5, The Evil Counterpart of Carsomyr (Spoilers)

KougaKouga Member Posts: 83
edited October 2013 in Feature Requests
Hello everyone,

Thinking about BG2:EE I was also thinking about a weapon that is not so well known. Soul Reaver +4 is like the Carsomyr of evil fighters. But now with Blackguards comming up it will be more like the Carsomyr for Blackguards. Nevertheless it's also still a great blade for Sarevok.

I never really played an evil playthrough but as this is a great blade for such a significant character as Sarevok and with Blackguards comming up to BG2:EE, I thought to myself: "Carsomyr is already a +5 weapon, but can be upgraded even more so in ToB with the Eye of Tyr to a whopping +6!!! This leaves Soul Reaver well in its wake, for Soul Reaver is a +4 blade with no upgrade posibilities."

So basicly my request is to atleast make one upgrade in ToB or even SoA that would upgrade Soul Reaver to a +5. It only seems fair to the upcomming Blackguards too. It's more a satisfying idea than an overpowered upgrade too, at all. This would make Soul Reaver more of an evil counterpart to Carsomyr.

People can leave their opinions if they feel like.




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