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Party vs Party pvp and in-game lobby

agrisagris Member Posts: 571
Just voicing this to see what the general interest is. I always thought an arena-style map where multiple player-controlled parties could battle it out would be interesting. Does Overhaul have any intention of such a mechanism? Obviously I have no idea the code writing / modifications this would entail, but with a lobby / matching service planned, this is a natural extension of the cooperative multiplayer into PvP. I believe the chess-like spells system would lend itself well to pvp, and the player base would self regulate (oh, XYZ takes for-EVER to complete a turn. I'm not fighting him.)

Separately, is there going to be an 'in game' multiplayer lobby, where each player is represented by an avatar?

These two aspects could widen the audience- tactical competitive multiplayer is what party-based pvp would turn into, and that's a bit different than the vanilla solo game. The in-game lobby also satisfies a different type of social itch some gamers have.



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