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Which country's App Store will the game be available in?

BenNBenN Member Posts: 27
edited July 2012 in iPad (Archive)
I'm planning to get the OS X and iOS versions as soon as they come out. But currently, I only have access to the Japan Mac & iOS App Stores (that's where I live).

WIll the game be available here too, apart from the obvious N.America & European stores?



  • WolfheartWolfheart Member Posts: 169
    there's so many different app stores :( Sweden, UK, Finland, France... very irritating.

  • PhillipDaiglePhillipDaigle Member Posts: 654
    It will be available in at least all the markets that we have languages for, although we'd like to release it in as many markets as possible.

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    edited July 2012

    You guys might need to clarify how much BGEE will cost in each store then. Will you guys be doing direct conversions of the price? I hope so, because many companies love to screw Europeans by doing a 1$ -> 1€ conversion when currently 1$ is actually around 0.816€

    At least by buying directly from you guys I can get the PC version for 18$, which even including the conversion tax from my bank is still far less than 18€.

    EDIT: Though I acknowledge that its possible that companies do direct conversions due to differences in taxes in the EU, but I'm not really convinced.

  • WolfheartWolfheart Member Posts: 169
    edited July 2012
    @Tanthalas Apps I buy in the Swedish appstore that cost 1 $ costs 7 sek in the appstore. With the current exchange rates 1 $ is about 6.8 sek. USA has 10 % VAT (or something), Sweden has 25%. The price without vat would be slightly more than 0.9$, add 25% and you are up to 1.1250 $. Convert to sek and you are at 7.64 sek.

    The game Chaos Rings is 4 $ atm in the US store and 28 Sek in the swedish store. So Apple seem's to keep the same price across the board.

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738

    That's good to know. It really ticked me off that Diablo III was 60€ over here.

  • PhillipDaiglePhillipDaigle Member Posts: 654
    Pricing for the different country stores will be clarified as we draw closer to release, although I believe we aren't doing straight currency conversions, for example $1 -> 1£

  • ZandriZandri Member Posts: 33
    When submitting an app to the app store you don't specify individual prices for each store/country, you simply select a single 'Price Tier' and this depicts the price for each of the individual stores.

    For example lets take: Tier 10, which corresponds to;
    USD: $9.99
    CAD: $9.99
    MXP: $120
    AUD: $10.49
    NZD: $13.99
    YEN: $850
    EURO: $7.99
    CHF: $10.00
    NOK: $70.00
    GBP: $6.99
    DKK: $59.00
    SEK: $75.00
    CNY: $68
    SGD: $12.98
    HKD: $78.00
    TWD: $300

    Otherwise if localised versions were treated as completely different apps (differing bundle ID) and managed in isolation, this would be the only way to set prices independantly based on region.

  • WolfheartWolfheart Member Posts: 169
    @Zandri Thank you for posting that list. But the why the $ sign before every currency? The propper way to write 75 sek would be 75 kr... *Goes off to chill after the most likely unintentional insult*

  • ZandriZandri Member Posts: 33
    Sorry, $ sign was my laziness, the table I extracted these from simply had raw numbers, I wasn't going to look up all the appropriate nomenclature for each currency :)

  • VanchoppeVanchoppe Member Posts: 1
    Guys, i got a bit frightened by your words about bg availability at least in countries, u have languages for. I live in Russia and I'm almost sure that u won't have rus translation. Does it mean there's a chance we won't get it in our appstore?
    Actually, I always prefer to play games/watch movies in the original language, cause it's usually much better, so I really hope, that we'll get an english version to buy!
    Please, remember that BG series has fans from allover the world:)))
    And thanx for ur work, btw!!!

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738

    They actually have plans for a Russian translation of BGEE, but they're not sure if it'll be ready at launch. If it isn't its going to be added to the game in a post-release patch.

    Regardless, when you buy BGEE, the game will have all languages in a single version.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,480
    Fortunatelly Beamdog is not Blizzard...

  • RisingOneRisingOne Member Posts: 2
    Is there more clarity now about which appstores will get the game? I live in Bulgaria and I'm afraid BG will not make it to our store. I'm not hoping for a Bulgarian translation, just for the English version of the game.

  • jolly_bbjolly_bb Member Posts: 122
    @Tanthalas perhaps you know this: will appstore BGEE be country depended (e.g. living in Germany, Spain, Poland, France will force me to get German/Spanish/Polish/French version of BGG) or will i be able to always choose between original (English) and localized version?

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738

    As far as I know, all languages will be available in every BGEE, there isn't a separate BGEE for each language.

  • jolly_bbjolly_bb Member Posts: 122
    @Tanthalas - sounds great, thanks

    by the way if i get bored, i can always turn to e.g. French version for completely new gaming experience (not understanding a word of what is said is like playing a new game!)

  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    edited November 2012
    I'm a Canadian living in Egypt, my ipad was purchased in the states however when I registered my ipad I used egypt. Now since I didn't want to use a credit card, it took some thinking on how to go about buying apps. It turns out there is a thriving market here for buying US iTunes gift cards. I used a reputable website, which is based in Kuwait apparently, , bought credits, then purchased an USD denominated iTunes gift card, it was about a 20% markup, but well worth it. I received the Serial instantly through email. All one has to do is acquire a US iTunes gift card, then register a new iTunes account using an American address, couldn't be easier. Just make sure you buy from a legit operation, as the blackmarket for stolen itunes cards does exist. It's a nice loophole that apple obviously left open to allow anyone the opportunity to purchase apps, no matter what country they find themselves in. Globalization in action. ;)

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