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BG2:EE - Please add a real thief



  • aldainaldain Member Posts: 266
    Dazzu said:

    You really won't run out of skill points if you remember to bring your Shadow Armor/Boots and the Ring that improves thieving skills whose name escapes me.

    Just because you dislike something though doesn't mean it's bad.

    Since this is ultimately down to preference, I don't think there's much point in debating it. Let's just wait and see what we get.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    The thieving kits are obviously there for people who have a preference either way for what they need that class for in the first place.

    A swashbuckler is more of the fighter who doesn't backstabb but still has the thieving abilities. Obviously this is for a person who doesn't use backstabb. An assassin is basically strictly a backstabber, and might not be used as the primary thief in the first place, or maybe he is and wants his thief specifically better at backstabbing than he is at setting traps or pickpocketing.

    The only REAL thieving abilities anyone NEEDS is Detect/Disarm Traps and Open Locks. I could see an assassin being able to do all the things a thief does without any real issues, and same goes for the swashbuckler. As stated before it really does come down to preference.

    Personally, I don't mind either way which they add (Hoping they add one swash and one assassin) because my party makeup in different playthroughs might require one or the other.

  • sandmanCCLsandmanCCL Member Posts: 1,389
    If we want to cover all bases, we need an evil dwarven thief. Dwarves are the only race not represented by thief in some way (Tiax and Jan are gnomes; Montaron and Alora are halflings; Imoen/Safana/Skie/Nalia/Shar-Teel/Xzar/Branwen are all human; Coran being the lone elf).

    Besides, you can't even field an entire party of evil-aligned NPCs in BG2 even with Sarevok so why not add another dwarf to the mix? I think it'd fit.

  • MeraMera Member Posts: 128
    Actually, there was something about an evil thief in the AMAA:
    We're told that there's not nearly enough evil thieves in Baldur's Gate 2. We'll try and address that in BG2:EE ;)
    Quote is from "OverhaulNathan". Good chance we're finally going to have one!

  • Dalis918Dalis918 Member Posts: 37
    cheat the engine and make Imoen multi mage thief. (whistles innocently)

  • pablo200783pablo200783 Member Posts: 96
    Alora or Skie come back on BG2 wann see it more old friends from BG1.

  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 1,330
    When you do make this... I know you are probably going to bring some of the three new NPCs along, and that's fine.

    But please, add a THIEF NPC to BG2.

    Currently, unless the protagonist is a thief, you have to take a thief/mage NPC with you. This seriously reduces replayability of the game. Please add some kind of thief that can exist through the whole game, whether pure, dual, or multi. And obviously not another thief/mage ;)

    The huge number of locked chests and traps make the game impossibly tedious unless you take Imoen, Jan, or Nalia. Nothing against those NPCs, but let's broaden the party composition possibilities a little here!

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    it really was an odd mixup with all the wonderful theives in BG1 and then all of a sudden there weren't any to choose from in BG2. I just wailed in laughter even harder when (SPOILER) you add to the mix your close involvement with shadow thieves and how much you intermingle with them. You'd think at least ONE of them would find you interesting enough to travel with you.

  • KushuKushu Member Posts: 70
    edited January 2013
    Because we lack advancing thieves AND advancing clerics (we have three, but two of them are whiny) I initially wanted it to be an Assassin with Cleric as a dual option after joining.

    But that presents something of a catch-22. Because of restricted skill growth, the player would be required to make a choice.
    1: Keep it an assassin. Big backstab. Thief HLA. The lower skillpoints are an issue at low levels, but you'll survive.
    2: Dual out low. This pretty much negates the benefit of being an assassin. You'd still get +1hit/dmg and Poisons, but you sacrificed a hundred skillpoints or so to get them. This is a very touchy issue. Dualling out at 13 gives you 195 skillpoints. Most of them auto-allocated. With the free points for an 18 dex, and gear you MIGHT be able to make it work. (Mercykiller, Shadow Armor and Boots of Stealth will give you totals of 15open, 5 find, 60 hide, 50move and 25trap before points get spent. Plus there's Cloak of Elvenkind late in SOA for 50 more Hide, and Amulet of Master Harper for 20open and 20 find in TOB. Gear seems to cover stealth fairly well. The viability of this would depend heavily on the auto-allocation decision made.

    3: Dual out late. If you dual out at 17 for the x6 Backstab, the rest of your party is going to be getting their second or third HLAs by the time you recover your assassin powers.

    Whereas, if it were a neutral or good Swash with cleric dual option (cleric of sune, anyone? :), I think pretty much everybody would TAKE the dual option. Dualling out at 10 gives +3ac, +2hit/damage, specialization, 250 skillpoints and almost no downtime. Could dual out at 12 for the exra proficiency star and 50 skillpoints, or 15 for an extra ac, hit, damage and what...almost 400 skillpoints? And I think even the level 15 version can technically finish the dual-recovery by the end of soa (2.9million).

    I'm not sure how I feel about my Assassin>Cleric idea these days. I want to say it's nice because it, with a single character, could shore up multiple of the game's roster "weaknesses". Furthermore, the way it presents the choice, the choice of when to dual over is interesting to me. This is a choice that reeks, to me, of consequence. This is a choice with meat and weight and sustenance.
    Whereas a Swash>Cleric is far less of a choice. It's a great bargain that doesn't cost you much at all. The level 10 swash could cover Find/Open and Set traps with gear without much problem.

    Personally, I like the idea of it being dualable to cleric. Personally, I kind of like it being an assassin base. I can definitely see a number of people disliking the idea because the nature of assassin doesn't really lend itself well to relying on auto-allocation and dualling out at a low level. I'm just wondering how loudly they'd yell.

    Post edited by Kushu on
  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    edited January 2013
    *sigh* I know a few people have already said it, but I would love to have Montaron back... It could be implimented in SOOOO many awesome ways!

    SCENE 1: You wake up finding Montaron in a cell (instead of Jaheira (Harper vs. Zhent)) and when he says that he doesn't know where Xzar is, you find him in the same room you WOULD HAVE found Khalid! BUT!!! XZAR ISN'T DEAD, he's JOINED FORCES with Irenicus because it's awesomer than being a zhent and Montaron can FINALLY kill Xzar (who he has always hated)!!!

    SCENE 2: later, instead of Xzar being there across from the harper hold, it's some random Zhent that Montaron knows, and they have you go in and kill all the harpers, and guess who's there defending it!?!


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