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BGII:EE Compatible Mod List

LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,858
edited December 2013 in BGII:EE Mods
Hello everyone!

Modders have been working hard to bring you BGII:EE compatible mods -- some of these are still in progress or not quite uploaded yet, so bare with us as this list will be updated regularly!

I have listed these mods in the recommended install order. Pick and choose whatever you'd like.

Please do not use non-English translations for mods, as it may cause freezes due to charset inconsistencies. I'm hoping to resolve this soon, but in the meantime -- stick to English translations only!

BGII:EE is a new platform, and there are bound to be issues that we've missed when porting mods. If you find an issue, please let me know. Tell me how to replicate the issue, and with any luck the mod will get fixed quickly.

Modlist (use this install order)

[in progress] Ascension
Tales of the Deep Gardens
Dungeon Crawl
Back to Brynnlaw
The Sellswords
I Shall Never Forget
Adalon's Blood (non-English translations work fine)
CoM Encounters
[in progress] Weimer's Item Upgrade (just needs an updated version of WeiDU)
[in progress] Amber NPC (just needs an updated version of WeiDU)
Ajantis NPC
Ajantis Portrait Pack for BG(II):EE
Tashia NPC
[in progress] Kivan and Deheriana Companions
Kindrek NPC
Yasraena NPC
Alora NPC
Auren Aseph
Tiax NPC
[in progress] Sarah NPC
Angelo NPC
Vampire Tales
Ninde NPC
Saerileth NPC
Arath NPC
Dace NPC
de'Arnise Romance
Banter Packs
IEP Extended Banters
Viconia Friendship
Mazzy Friendship
Yoshimo Friendship
[in progress] Yoshimo Romance (Everything but journal entries works)
Edwin Romance (non-English translations work fine)
Tsujatha NPC
Imoen Friendship
Coran NPC
Sarevok Friendship
Branwen NPC
Unfinished Business
Almateria's Restoration Project
Wheels of Prophecy
Kelsey NPC
Keto NPC
Nathaniel NPC
Iylos NPC
Faren NPC
Adrian NPC
Isra NPC
NPC Flirt Packs
Romantic Encounters
Haer'Dalis Romance
Nephele NPC
[in progress] Petsy NPC (Everything but journal entries works)
Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod
Sarevok Romance
BG2 Tweak Pack
Rogue Rebalancing (non-English translations should work fine with SCS)
Sword Coast Stratagems (non-English translations should work fine with SCS)
BPSeries AI Scripts (non-English translations work fine)
Wizard Slayer Rebalancing
Item Randomiser

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