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Localization projects: Where are we at?

AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
Now that BGII:EE has been released, it is time to make a stock of the situation with regards to our on-going localization projects for both games (all languages listed in alphabetical order):

Brazilian Portuguese

The BG:EE translation carried out by @Nasher is now complete and may be enjoyed as part of build 1.2; BGII:EE is being worked on by @Faldrath.


Both the Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) translations for BG:EE are complete, and Chinese (Simplified) has been recently released with our patch 1.2. Chinese (Traditional) will be included in a future update, while the team led by @inthel has started works on BGII:EE.


The Czech team has completed their BG:EE translation under @christof's guidance, and has now moved on to BGII:EE under the new leadership of @Edvin.


The French translation for BG:EE is also complete and the team lead by @La_Voix has started works on BGII:EE.


New volunteers are sought to help update and test the BG:EE translation, as well as to translate BGII:EE. If you'd like to help, you may apply by sending a private message to @NeoDragon.


The BG:EE translation is complete and actively maintained by the original team of translators, "Gli Allegri Buffoni".

The new @Italian_Team has started works on BGII:EE and welcomes any new volunteers who may want join them. If you'd like to volunteer, you may send me a PM.


The BG:EE translation is very close to completion as the team lead by @Garyou_Tensei is finishing up the last few bits. An almost complete version has been made available with build 1.2.

Following the completion of their work on BG:EE, the Japanese team has confirmed their commitment to translating BGII:EE as well.


The team lead by @windrake has completed work on BG:EE, and their translation may now be enjoyed as part of build 1.2.

Norwegian (Bokmål)

It is my pleasure to announce that we now have a new team of Norwegian volunteers translating BG:EE to Bokmål! If you'd like to help, you may join the team by sending a private message to @Basillicum.


After completing work on BG:EE, the Polish team lost several members and had to halt its activity for a time. However, I am pleased to announce that as more volunteers joined its ranks, the team is now back in full force under @cherrycoke2l's leadership and has started works on BGII:EE!

Russian & Ukrainian

Several users from our Russian and Ukrainian communities have been inquiring about the status of these translations, as we have been admittedly silent about it. It is therefore time to break said silence and give a full-blown update on these languages.

The fine people at PlayUA carried out an amazing translation for BG:EE, which they have been subsequently maintaining and updating as we included new content and features in our internal builds (which eventually converged into our recently released build 1.2). However, we were unable to include these translations into the game as the engine lacked support for double-byte characters such as those used to display Cyrillic script.

As our programmers worked support for double-byte characters into the code, we included Russian and Ukrainian in our internal beta builds and gave access to PlayUA's translators, that they could test it and report any issues. Unfortunately, too many issues turned up for Russian and Ukrainian to be safely and reliably included in our live build. Right now, we are going through more QA to make sure both translations are ready for release when we roll out our next update for BG:EE.


The team lead @Immortality has completed works on BG:EE and has now moved on to BGII:EE.


The team led by @Shinorus did an amazing job of translating the whole game from scratch with no support from printed (A)D&D manuals, for none had ever been translated to Turkish. The latest and greatest version of their work has been made available with build 1.2, while the team is updating the last few strings we added to the game's text to support the new features included with the patch.

I encourage you to touch base with the respective team leaders for any further details on their on-going efforts, as well as to volunteer in case you felt like lending a hand!

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  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326


    German update.

    Dear German friends of Baldur's Gate,

    due to personal reasons, the translation team lead by @NeoDragon has disbanded and is no longer at work on the German localization of BGII:EE.

    While @NaturalBornKieler has been updating and maintaining the German text for BG:EE, we are seeking additional help from the community to build a new team of passionate fans to give the second chapter of the saga a proper German localization.

    If you would like to volunteer, please contact me privately.

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326


    Brazilian Portuguese.

    Owing to personal reasons, @Faldrath has been unable to progress on the Brazilian Portuguese localization of BGII:EE during the past few months. If all goes according to plan, he expects to be able to resume in early July. Regardless, to him go our best wishes for his personal life.


    I am delighted to announce that a new team has formed under the leadership of @Drakonis!

    The team still welcomes any friends of Baldur's Gate who would like to contribute to the German localization; if you would like to volunteer, you may send @Drakonis a PM.

  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326


    Brazilian Portuguese.

    I am pleased to announce that @Faldrath has resumed work on the Brazilian Portuguese translation of BGII:EE earlier this month according to plan. We are very happy to have him back aboard, and we look forward to seeing his amazing work in action!

    Norwegian (Bokmål).

    The team lead by @Basillicum is currently on a hiatus owing to personal reasons of its members. However, anyone wishing to join the team and lend a hand is still welcome, and may touch base with @Basillicum any time via PM.

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