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Hexxat - how soon to engage her (spoilers)

Ok first character into BG2EE - the party encounters Hex and sets off on her quest - PC beserker 7->druid 9, Jahs, Yoshi, Aerie, Minsc - playing on Normal have not done anything outside Chez Irenicus except Circus tent.

Getting thumped by Dragonis (sp?) - everyone is either getting dire charmed and/or almost no one has anything to hit him with (apparently needs +2 weapons?) are we just trying to do this too early or are we just inept? Have tried 3 times now - last time got him down to badly injured but I am not into reload until you get lucky so am getting ready to go back to an earlier save or restart with one of the other 40 or so characters I have waiting in the wings


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