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[BGEE, BGEE 2, IWD:EE MOD] Lost Druid Kit 1.3v

zupskyzupsky Member Posts: 126
edited April 2016 in General Modding
This mod introduces to the player a new druid kit - Lost Druid. It is based on the Lost Druid from The Complete Druid's Handbook. This kit will be a part of my NPC mod, but making it will take some time and at the beginning, I'm going to release it in my native language. In the meantime I hope to get some feedback on the kit alone.


The strangest members of the druidic order, Lost Druids find that many other druids no longer consider them kin. The Lost Druids come from lands that have been maliciously destroyed - forests burned to the ground, swamps drained, mountains ruined by mining, and so on. Rather than try to rebuild or move on, a Lost Druid allows his heart to darken from brooding on the devastation and embraces strange magic to seek revenge.

- May cast Summon Dread Wolf once per day at level 6. Gains additional Summon Dread Wolf at level 12th and 18th.

- Six necromancy spells are added to the Lost Druid's repertoire, all the way up to 6th level. These are listed below:
1st level: Laroch's Minor Draining.
2nd level: Horror.
3rd level: Skull Trap.
4th level: Contagion.
5th level: Slay Living.
6th level: Death Spell.

- Can cast only the reversed versions of cure spells.
- Cannot Shapeshift.
- Alignment restricted to neutral and chaotic evil.

It is very simple mod (my first!), nothing to complicated but I think that it gives an interesting twist on a druid kit.
And I'd like to thank @Wisp for helping me with weidu :)

This mod is compatible with BG2 (it works with total conversion mods also, at least it works with Classic Adventures for sure), BG:EE and BG2:EE.
Polish translation is available.

1.3v - the temporary fix for 2.0 is no longer required. I'd suggest uninstalling 1.2 and installing 1.3v.
1.2v - 2.0 and IWD:EE compatibility
1.1v - Fixed crash in BG:EE after summoning Dread Wolf

Please check out my second mod -

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