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Neera Romance (big spoilers!)

acw18acw18 Member Posts: 62
Hey all,

First things first, if you haven't done Neera's romance yet and do not wish to be spoiled, I highly recommend steering clear of this topic!

I am hoping there is somebody else around who has gotten to this point in the Neera romance.

Neera has just proposed sex with charname and I am given the option of either accepting or turning her down but in a "I care about you too much" way. If my memory is correct, both Aerie and Jaheira dump you for being too quick to jump into bed and I am wondering if this is the case here too. My question is, has anyone gotten to this point and do they know if choosing one or the other causes the romance to end? I checked EEkeeper after choosing each option and both state that the romanceactive variable is at 2, so both seem legit at least for the immediate future but I'm not sure if they have long term consequences.


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