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New to BGII: Enhanced edition, need some help!


I'm not new to the game itself, but I'm new to the enhanced edition. I recently installed it on my computer and noticed that there are several *annoying* bugs. For example, the wizard 4th level spell "Greater Malison" isn't suppose to be cumulative with itself, aka. it stacks with several castings. Also, the wizard 4th level spell "Polymorph other" seem to be just too good. As you might understand I almost only play the mage class.

Thus reads my questions as follows:

- Is there an update/patch out there to download?

- Are there any recommended mods that I should download?

- I also noticed that the 4 new characters are not available until I "buy/unlock" them. How do I do that?

I hope there are some kind souls that might help me with these flaws. Best regards!


  • JalilyJalily Member Posts: 4,681
    MWO said:

    - Is there an update/patch out there to download?

    Yes, version 1.2.2030 came out yesterday. If you run your launcher/client, it will tell you whether there is an update available.
    MWO said:

    - I also noticed that the 4 new characters are not available until I "buy/unlock" them. How do I do that?

    The screen's a bit confusing: Mac and PC copies already have all four characters. iPad users need to unlock all but Rasaad because they pay half price for the base game.

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 176
    Most lovely! Thank you for your help. Does this new version actually correct many of the aforementioned bugs/flaws?

    Abit strange, I play on a PC and I've none of the four characters. :(

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    Question here aswell, regarding patch (Sorry for hijacking) is there anywhere where I can read what was changed / fixed? Haven't seen any threads :)

  • BasillicumBasillicum Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 400
    MWO said:

    Abit strange, I play on a PC and I've none of the four characters. :(

    The new characters are scattered throughout the maps in the game. None of them are available from the very start of the game. :)

  • MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
    If memory serves, Greater Malison always stacked. I could be wrong, though.

    In general, the developers didn't do much with balancing old abilities. There always was, and always will be, ways to break this game in half. It's up to you to be your own Dungeon Master and avoid doing so to have fun. Recent games like Skyrim have the same problem, so I don't consider it to be too much of a flaw.

    The new characters are found in the world and can be recruited, just like other NPCs. You won't find them in the starting dungeon, if that's all you've done.

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 176
    edited November 2013
    Yes, my english is not the best. I understand what Jalily meant now. I probebly have them, thanks for your help. Hopefully the spells will get fixed aswell :-)

    Nope, the Greater Malison spell is not supposed to stack. If it would, the game would be awfully easy (spell trigger - 3xGreater Malison followed by polymorph/disintegrate/FtS/FoD or any other instant kill spell).

    Also, I notice that the portraits from BG: Enhanced edition (I haven't bought it since I recently completed it) are not in the BGII: Enhanced edition, n'est ce pas?

  • SlandeSlande Member Posts: 23
    I also stumbled across the new portraits not being there in II as I had to party members using the new images. I remedied the issue by using a program called EE Keeper I think it was, where you can "extract" portraits (amongst many other things). I would love to post the guide I found but for some reason I cannot search on google at the time of writing this. However, you also wrote you did not have the first enhanced edition anymore, which is where I extracted the portraits from, so I don't know how to fix you current issue. Maybe others can elaborate on that?

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    Woooo! :) Eer... My thanks to thee? :P

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