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rasaad quest "wheel of obliteration"

what do i have to do after i killed shawod deagon? i opened portal and escaped from shadow realm, but what next?



  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    That should be it, really.
    Before you leave the Shadow Plane, you should get some protests from Alorgoth who succumbs to Shadow Creatures, then when you get back to Deepstone, the dwarves should thank and reward you. If that doesn't seem to have happened, let me know exactly what didn't and attach a zipped saved game if you can.

  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 86

    This took me very long to unterstand...

    You have to be not "close" to the portal when clicking on the portal. This gives Alorgoth time to respond and time for some shadows to appear.


    I sent you a mail with a savegame

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited November 2013
    Is there any way to prevent Rasaad from leaving the party to stay in the plane of shadow? I've tried this a dozen times, with variations on the different dialog options, and he still leaves every time. I'm so very tired of killing this shadow dragon...

    It's getting so bad I'm considering just killing Rasaad and carrying his body through the portal. Grrr.

    I've started keeping track of how much damage I take before the dragon goes down, just for variety. My record so far is 49 damage taken across my whole party. No cheese, only buffs used before fight are oils of speed, true sight and resist fear. To misquote The Architect, this will be the 18th time I have killed Yxtrazzal, and I have become exceedingly efficient at it.

    Woot new record - 27 damage taken. :P

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited November 2013
    Ok, I give up. Stopping this playthrough, because I can't keep Rasaad and I'm not going to pick up somebody else with 3M less xp. Very poorly implemented quest, IMO.

    Edit for clarification: I enjoyed most of the quest. The dwarves had great personalities, and I'm a complete sucker for a woman with a Scottish accent. The whole area was very pretty. The AI for the named characters, such as the mage guarding some nice magical items on the main floor of the stronghold, was very nicely done. It's the 'sorry, you can't keep this NPC' part that bugs me. I actually had a similar issue with Rasaad's SoA quest; I wound up redoing part of it several times to get him to stay in the group and not bail until ToB. That's probably just a personal preference of mine - I have a strong dislike for switching my group up, which is why I have very rarely used any of the later NPCs in BG1 (Tiax, Alora, etc). The idea of one of my party members being unavailable for an extended period, while good RP, frustrates me. Apologies for the initial harshness of the post. I let my irritation at one element override my appreciation for the rest of the experience.

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  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 86
    He leaves because you betray your friendship... because you are afraid to die.

    Heres the way to keep him.

    Tell him that you will stay until Alorgoth is dead. Rasaad realizes that Alorgoth is invincible and suggests that you open the portal. Step true and Rasaad will come with you.

  • anguirelanguirel Member Posts: 7
    I'm having similar problems...but I can't even get the portal to open. Am I missing something here...? :P

  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 86
    Put the wheel (that you find on the dragons corpse) into the hotbar and move that character near the entrace where the previous portal has been. Then use it.

  • It doesn't work for me.

    After killing the dragon, I wait for Alorgoth to be upset about it. Then I pick up the wheel. Then I move to the 'middle' open area, and Rasaad does his 'Gamaz will be avenged!' dialogue. I choose 'Alorgoth dies or we do', and Rasaad says 'Gamaz! I'll join you soon, and I'll not come alone!' Then he says 'You must use the Wheel of Obliteration and reopen the portal!' Then I move to the portal area, and he says 'His magic makes him invincible here! You must open the portal to escape!' Then nothing happens...I just fight Alorgoth (who's been Near Death since the dragon died) and hordes of Shadow Creatures and their summoned Shadow Fiends. Forever. If I open the portal, it doesn't change anything. If I then go through the portal, there are still mobs spawning on the other side.

  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 86
    Read my first spoiler. That should help.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited November 2013
    He never gets overwhelmed by shadow creatures....maybe I'm not supposed to kill them? I'll give that a try.

    Still not working; the shadow monsters keep beating on me and not him.

  • I'm going to consider this a bug. I've tried everything, spent more than 3 hours on this encounter, and I can only get two outcomes.
    Either Rasaad leaves, or I fight never-ending waves of shadow creatures. In one attempt, I stood at the portal for over 30 minutes, keeping the shadow creatures dead so they didn't overwhelm me; in another, I spent 5 minutes letting the creatures pile up hoping they'd turn on Alorgoth, but they finally took me out.

  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    The writers changed how this encounter works in the last batch of edits and I'm not so sure all of it is intentional. I'm looking into it, but I need some clarifications from the writers, so have patience please.

  • I managed to get the shadow creatures to attack Alorgoth, but ONLY after Rasaad left the group. Sigh.

  • Miloch said:

    The writers changed how this encounter works in the last batch of edits and I'm not so sure all of it is intentional. I'm looking into it, but I need some clarifications from the writers, so have patience please.

    Thanks for looking into it. :)

  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 86
    edited November 2013
    The existing shadows dont turn on him. New Shadows appear that turn on him.

    You have to click on the portal. Not from close, but from far. So you dont change the map before the event can trigger.

    Feel free to upload a savegame.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited November 2013
    OMFG!!!! I can't believe it was that simple. I always, ALWAYS click on portals with everybody standing next to them so I don't have to hear 'You must venture your gather before partying forth.'

    RAAAAAGE. Ok, I'm done now. Thanks @Nachti !! And thanks also to @Miloch for looking into it for me. :D

  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    I should be able to do something about that portal proximity issue at least; if anyone has more details on what can be tweaked here, let me know.

  • KharadorKharador Member Posts: 210
    This is the final quest from SOA or from TOB???
    I end the quest out of the temple in SOA this is correct or I am losing something?

  • NachtiNachti Member Posts: 86
    Just change the encounter to "spawn the angry shadows when the portal opens". And maybe make Algoroth killabe ;)

  • Kharador said:

    This is the final quest from SOA or from TOB???
    I end the quest out of the temple in SOA this is correct or I am losing something?

    It's in ToB. I think you're fine so far. :)

    @Nachti I agree, the trigger should be opening the portal rather than clicking on it. Sure would have saved me some time! On the plus side, I am now a Grand Master at killing that mob...

  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    I think we fixed this, subject to a little more internal testing. Should be a lot more solid in the next patch anyhoo. :)

    [Deleted User]
  • acw18acw18 Member Posts: 62
    This entire fight was intensely frustrating (and not the good kind of frustrating imo) on higher difficulties. It was insanely difficult to get out of the shadow plane without losing a party member, which isn't normally a problem in most fights, but in this one it is because if you can't midfight rez and grab the loot it's lost when the portal closes up. There are just far too many shadows casting fear and level draining here that it bridges the gap between difficult and just plain infuriating and not much fun.

    With that said, I have enjoyed most of the new content and aside from a few minor complaints (such as too many chain events happening without the ability to save or rest inbetween). This fight however, is an entire different beast.

  • @acw18 That's interesting - I found the fight fairly easy for some reason. A couple of thoughts:
    -I always prep for a dragon fight with party-wide Resist Fear. Not every dragon has fear, but I always do it...and it definitely helps in this fight.
    -I had Dorn in the group, which gives me someone to tank level drainers. Having Ir'revrykal for on-hit dispels (Carsomyr would serve the same purpose) is a huge help. I used him for the 'preview' fights before I got to the dragon, but for the dragon itself, I just let Rasaad tank the one shadow beast that showed up.
    -Were you getting a lot of shadow beasts during the dragon fight itself? If so, how long was the fight taking? What experience level were you at, roughly?

    Detailed strategy if you're interested:
    The dragon dies pretty quickly if you do a few things.
    -First, make sure you have True Sight up beforehand. Resist Fear also, and Improved Haste on any melee folks.
    -Second, position your fighter(s) next to the dragon as the conversation triggers. Have them use Smite or Critical Strike as soon as the conversation is over.
    -Third, have your mage(s) use Lower Resistance on the dragon as soon as the fight starts, before it goes invisible. If you're high enough level, Spell Trigger with 3x Lower Resistance is all you need (and it's instant cast).
    -Fourth, have Rasaad go beat on Alorgoth when the fight starts. He'll probably also wind up tanking the first shadow beast, and eat a level drain or two. Smite is AWESOME here, as Alorgoth spends all his time bouncing around the room.
    -Fifth, when the dragon goes visible have your mages start bombing it with Magic Missiles (Minor Sequencer with 2x Magic Missile is great). Note that it's immune to magic missiles at higher difficulty, so have them do stuff like Comet etc to keep Alorgoth and the shadows occupied.
    -After the dragon dies, keep in mind that you don't actually have to kill Alorgoth or any of the shadows. Just grab the loot and have everyone beat feet to the entrance to the room with the crystals.
    Using this strategy (with Dorn/Jaheira as melee, Neera/my sorcerer Charname doing magic missiles, and Hexxat just plinking with a shortbow), I generally killed the dragon in 5-8 rounds. Note that I was around 6-6.5M experience, so that may be a factor. Even on Insane I was able to kill the dragon in under 10 rounds without losing a party member.

  • NimlNiml Member Posts: 11
    edited December 2013
    so um.... not to beat a dead horse here but i'm having problems with this,
    i escaped i told rasaad that we'd be waiting for algoroth to die, but i was able to open the portal and leave, back in normal land, tons of shadows never ending spawn, i've killed them for about 45 minutes straight now, to no avail. so i reload the autosave of me leaving, and the cave collapses and kills me. thats it, either neverending shadows or death by cave in in the shadow world...

    So yeah.... not going to play the game anymore till this is fixed somehow i guess :\

  • NimlNiml Member Posts: 11
  • @Niml You have to click on the portal from a good distance away; if you're too close, it will just let you go through without triggering the even that's supposed to happen. Try using the wheel at the entrance to the 'crystal room', then clicking on the portal from there.

  • NimlNiml Member Posts: 11
    i've tried that, hasn't worked now when i go back to the shadow place the roof collapses instantly killing everyone

  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    edited December 2013
    As I've said, we've filed and fixed a number of tickets around this, which means there will be improvements in the next patch.

    If you can't end the quest at all (e.g. because the Shadow Plane collapses when you try to reenter the portal) then you probably have to resort to the debugging console.
    Edit the baldur.ini file in your Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition folder (if you haven't) so it contains the line: 'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',

    Then in the game, press ctrl+space and enter in the console: C:SetGlobal("OHR_FINALE","GLOBAL",24)

    If you're back in the Deepstone Mines, this should trigger the final sequence.

    I will admit this whole section can be a bit frustrating (I didn't write it; just coded most of it). I'm not sure we can get around the inability to save, though I have brought it up and can do so again. You *should* be able to save if there's no enemy in range of you. But I've seen it blocked for unknown reasons (because of dwarves following or other stuff going on). Shadows can be a nuisance; I recommend taking them out with ranged weapons or spells as soon as they appear (so they can't target you with disabling magic). They're actually not much different than the ones in Watchers Keep though. Keep a few saves handy from where you can save: namely before entering the Shadow Portal and just after it, in case something goes awry and you need to backtrack a bit.

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