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— Italian Translation — Current team listing of positions

AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,165
edited November 2012 in Archive (Volunteering)

Title Role
Team Leader Communicates with @CameronTofer and the rest of the group.
Answers questions for the team, assigns people to roles.
Maintains an up to date version of the credits list for the team.

Translators The best people to translate strings from English to the native language.
Translate new strings, as well update strings to match the English updates.

Proofreaders People to read the translated string looking for any grammar, spelling,
or suggestions for improvement.
Proofreaders should be native language speakers with good writing skills.

Rules Police These people enure all consistency with the game, D&D rules, and Forgotten
Realms lore.
Ensure that item descriptions match their actions, place names are properly
translated, names and terms are properly carried through the game.

Chi fosse interessato a partecipare può contattare il sottoscritto @AndreaColombo specificando il ruolo o i ruoli che desidera ricoprire.

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