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Mods you wouldn't go without - Tell people about your favorite BG I mods!

StradlinStradlin Member Posts: 142
edited November 2013 in BG:EE Mods
Please note we are in BG1- section of forums!! Only BG1 mods please!

Most people present have been (occasionally..) playing Baldur's Gate for a very long time now. I think it likely most people have come across a mod or two they think so highly of that it has turned into an integral and essential part of their BG experience. Let's talk about those mods! Which ones are invaluable to you?Why?

Please provide name of the mod, status of compatibility with EE and some relevant link or another if you know of any.Describe the mod briefly! Excessive mod listings are welll and good and can be incredibly handy. It's just that bare name of a mod isn't a very meaningful thing for somebody who has never tried it or played BG all that much.

Ideally, this thread might increase visibility and generate well earned buzz around few excellent if a bit overlooked mods.

- - -

BG1 NPC Project

Starting such listing with the BG1 NPC Project makes a highly obvious choice for me. Not sure if I've ever seen a mod for *any* game enhancing and improving atmosphere of the vanilla experience as much as the NPC project does.

The BG1 NPC Project is all about ensuring the days of silent,empty joinable NPCs are over. The mod adds several hundreds of banters,few quests and romances. Significant portions of the content is of very high quality. Dialogue written usually suits mood of the game and the NPCs perfectly. The mod is all about immersion, atmosphere and making the NPCs and Player Character richer in flavor. Don't expect any additional mobs to kill etc. Great deal of the new dialogue is all about interjections and reactions to surroundings. Mod kicks in and shows it's teeth the moment PC and Imoen arrive to Gorion's body. It doesn't just make the NPCs richer but also adds great deal to the environment, world as a whole. I much appreciate how, despite adding a drastic amount of new content, NPC project still manages to stay loyal to the original atmosphere.

Due to the nature of this mod, there is nothing to consider in terms of game balance. It won't be handing you game breaking amounts of XP(or any XP at all, iirc)) or some imbalanced extra gear or such.

As made apparent enough by my rampart fanboyism, I've come to think extremely highly of the NPC Project. To a degree where any intention to start a single BG:EE playthrough without it flew out of window as soon as I heard our valiant @LiamEsler is busy(!!!;p) crafting a BG:EE friendly version of it.

BG:EE Compatibility status: In progress!

Relevant links:
Local thread for local people, about the up and coming BG:EE version of the mod.

Original home&place of birth of the mod:

Pocket plane listing, comes with pile of other mods similar in nature and spirit

There is an excellent G3 forum devoted to the mod. Seems to come with pretty interesting sub forums too

- - -

Nice to have seperate forums for BG&BGII now. Just wanna try bringing little more life here, really;p

Your turn! Please add mod you like to the list. Explain what makes it awesome. Is it available in BG:EE?

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