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Dual Class Strongholds

Dux89Dux89 Member Posts: 47
I imported my BG1:EE character into BG2:EE. He's a level 5 swashbuckler, dualled to cleric. The cleric levels have far surpassed his original class at this point (he's currently swash 5/cleric 9), so cleric is his active class.

When I walked out of Gaelen Bayle's house, Brus told me to go to the docks district if I wanted to pick up some cash. I was under the impression that he's supposed to tell me to go to the Temple District. Am I not going to be able to get the cleric stronghold?


  • XukuthXukuth Member Posts: 78
    You should get whichever stronghold you accept first. If you complete the Unseeing Eye quest before Mae'var's Stronghold, you should get the cleric stronghold; if you complete the Mae'var quest first, you should get the thief stronghold.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Dux89, exactly what @Xukuth said. Unfortunately, there is no from Brus dialogue that assumes you are dual-/multi-classing your character. The dialogue assumes one class and tells you what is appropriate. I am unsure what actually governs what is selected as being the 'primary' focus of the dialogue.

    You will, however, get access to any available strongholds when dual or multi-classing. This is unlikely to actually be fixed, at least not at the current time.

  • XukuthXukuth Member Posts: 78
    @Troodon80: It selects the first active class - since he had leveled sufficiently to regain his thief abilities, making Swashbuckler the first active class, he got the thief stronghold tip. If he had not yet regained his thief abilities (and therefore Cleric was the only active class), he would have gotten pointed towards the Temple district.

  • Dux89Dux89 Member Posts: 47
    So... little Brus be damned, it doesn't matter where he suggests I go: I can get the cleric stronghold if I go to the Temple District? Is that correct?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    edited November 2013
    @Dux89, that is correct. (He is only there to 'get you started'; i.e. give you a hint where to begin your questing)

    @Xukuth, in the situation whereby the character is multiclassed, and all levels are the same, the same thing occurs (thus why I said I wasn't sure how it was determined). :)

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