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LoL: Ashe voice set

Ever felt like there weren't enough female voice options for BG2? Ever felt the need to play characters from other games in the game you're currently playing? Well, if you haven't, I most certainly have. So with the utmost of care and dedication I went and tore apart all of youtube, and other places to find all of Ashe's voices for her actions in the game League of Legends.

The original content was made by Riot games, and credit for all that stuff should go to them. I, as a fan, just went and did my best to match up her voice set options for BGII, and make them correct sound file types and whatever.

If this kind of thing is of interest to anyone, I might be willing to make a few more from other fandoms or what not. Fandoms I've considered are Fire Emblem Awakening, League of Legends, and Starcraft. (Yes I'm aware Starcraft is sci-fi, shooosh)

So Enjoy!



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