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Need a new Cleric



  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    edited December 2013
    Does that Critical Strike/Harm combo actually work? I think Critical Strike uses your action for the round.

    No matter though, with Critical Strike running she can do more damage than a Harm by just hitting the enemy in the face.

    edit: wait why does my version of Harm have a saving throw? and it doesn't last 2 rounds.. never mind what I said, then
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  • GamingFreakGamingFreak Member Posts: 639
    Harm will guarantee a knock down to 1 HP, whereas CS will only perform a crit. attack. Yes Crits are amazingly good, but that's not going to kill the bigger badder enemies in the game. Harm lasts for two rounds and you can do Harm, then Crit Strike, then make your attack; then just go all out on the weakened enemy and it's dead. This is also why Time Stop + Harm is ridiculously effective. With Time Stop, all attacks are automatic hits no matter what, followed by Harm, a touch spell that relies on the Thac0 of the caster to meet the requirements of the spell, this means that you get a free knock down to 1 HP for the enemy, and can just chuck a stone at it to finish it off.
  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 813
    I finished ToB a few days ago after choosing Anomen as the replacement cleric

    he got chunked in the final fight so I never did get to see his little post ToB blurb :P (never beat ToB before amazingly)
  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    edited December 2013
    Anyone know of a way to find out which mod changed which file?

    edit: okay I figured it out but if anyone knows I'd still like to know for future reference :)
  • nanonano Member Posts: 1,632
    @GamingFreak Indeed, one of my mods had turned it into a glorified version of Vampiric Touch :p
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