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Unused items in BG:EE

FafnirFafnir Member Posts: 232
I've recently started tinkering a bit with Near Infinity and wanted to replace a few items with custom ones. I don't want to alter the game balance, so I'd rather not alter items that are actually found in game, even if just equipped by creatures to grant effects.

So what I'm asking is, does anybody have a list (even an incomplete one) of item files that were not added into the game? For example, I figure I can freely alter the various versions of Narbucchad's Demise, but thoughtlessly replacing a helmet with a custom sword might screw up whoever was equipping it.


  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    edited December 2013
    If you want a customized version of an item, use Near Infinity to export the original item. Then rename it something unique like "fafswrd.itm" and copy the file back into your override directory. Then, reload Near Infinity, open and edit your new item.

    Just remember to be careful about changing the name or description, since the original item uses the same entries in the dialog.tlk file. Instead, you'll need to add new entries to the via the Edit -> Dialog.tlk menu command.

  • FafnirFafnir Member Posts: 232
    edited December 2013
    That does sound much simpler. I though adding a brand new item was harder than just slapping it in the override folder.

    EDIT: Except there's no way for the game to know "fafswrd.itm" even exists; there's nothing to override.
    I don't think this really works...

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  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    edited December 2013
    Fafnir said:

    Except there's no way for the game to know "fafswrd.itm" even exists; there's nothing to override.
    I don't think this really works...

    You can do one of the following:

    1) use the console to get the new item in-game, e.g. CLUAConsole:CreateItem("fafswrd.itm")
    2) use NI (or DLTCEP) to add the new item to a store or creature or container
    3) use WeiDU to add the new item to a store or creature or container

    Option #2 is only viable if you don't intend to share your mod with others and besides it could potentially cause compatibility problems with patches and other mods.

    If you want to create a redistributable mod without compatibility issues, you should really consider option #3.

    I could provide further advice in case you decide to pursuit one of the above options.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,145
    Items in the BG series have code names like STAF01 for a plain staff, whil PS:T has NOFEAR for a bracer, and all the names in PS:T are mad like that, so you can't fine a single shitty file with or without editors, because you do not know where to look.
    Also there are many internet pages telling the itemcodes from BG.

  • FafnirFafnir Member Posts: 232
    Thanks everybody for the help.

    @AstroBryGuy, sorry for doubting you. The entire reason I was asking this question was my mistaken belief that the override folder worked by, well, overriding. Turns out making a new item with a new code and CLUAing it in indeed works, so my original question is moot.

    @Erg: I was mostly going with the first idea. I'm not planning to make a full fledged mod, so there's no need to use for WeiDU, and adding the item to a container seems pointless when I can just spawn it.

    @CrevsDaak I think you misunderstood my original question. I know what the item codes are, I have the list right there in NI. I was worried about which codes I could safely replace.
    Say I'm making a, dunno, custom +1 staff with some cool properties. Obviously I can't save it as STAF01, otherwise I'd end up turning every quarterstaff in the realms into my custom item. It is however safe to save it as PSTAFM0 and CLUAing it, because Narbucchad's Demise is nowhere to be found in BG:EE. In the middle ground however we have a myriad of items that you can't get in game but could ostensibly be equipped by somebody, somewhere, to give that CRE a property (Protection from Timestop comes to mind). Overriding one of those might APPEAR safe, but would create issues.
    However, now that I know I can simply save it as FAFSTAF.itm and go on with my life, the problem has become non-existant.

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