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Who's your favorite character? (Survey #1)



  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,155
    @Dee I will be very direct with this, I really like characters that captivate you, in any way.
    Keldorn is one of my favorite, I only took him with my party because he was Keldorn, I had planned a 5-sized party to level up faster, but I met Keldy, I told him to go to the HQ of the OotMRH (hehehe) and wait there, I came back for him when I had around 2M, and he had like 900k XP only, but I took him anyways, he is the only Lawful Good and not Lawful Stupid, and his ToB epilogue almost made me cry (besides I'm almost senseless), his background story is amazing, but I don't want something like the Great Army of the Republic. No. I liked a lot the new NPCs, mostly, the part of them don't being copies with other names, they have nice personalties and everything, and then about Hexxat (I haven't played BG2:EE, but I wish I weren't so curious and clicked all those spoiler tabs), I like how you've made a story that can captivate you, REAL personal quest (*cough* *cough* Mazzy Fentan's personal *cough* *cough* quest is horrible *cough*), also the scripts for her to burn at runtime seems like a masterpiece (bah! Simply one thing: I don't know kuch about scripting besides ApplySpell(Myself,WIZARD_STONESKIN) inside a custom script for a Barbarian....... :P) for me (for what I've heard from other players) and, well, Wilson (yesh, I opened all the damned spoilers >.<), well, the best part HE'S A BEAAAAR (aka Cutie little über grizzly munchkin thingie :P), and, then, well, if what you've said in your first post is true, in some way they will be basing new NPCs in what we say? No? Well, for BG2 we need more mad gnomes, especially those wanting to rule over the world (BOOM! Tiax rules now! No, AD&D 2E rules :P) or that talk about the extremely-large-family, maybe adding another Cleric to BG2:EE, it is what I think is best.
    Then, for making character you'll need original ideas, maybe more monstrous races will have the funniest interactions ever, but I swear that they will also use 2E for BG3, about that, maybe not a different race, if not, add the Druid/Mage and Fighter/Mage/Druid option, and then I will rule the world like Tiax.
    I have many ideas of book-based NPCs, mainly based, but not copied in them, adding new spells, innate abilities, kits only for them, etc.
    Also, what I want is <i>very different with what others want, so I found very nice of new to let everyone post what we has to say in such an open way.
    Then, personal quests, items and those things also helps to the character's background, maybe something like carrying Jan besides Minsc wielding Liriacor (I never saw something so hilarious, really talking), what creates the best collection of banters if you are carrying Jaheira, Edwin(a), Ano(men) or some others like Aerie or even Mazzy. I liked how Ano(men) tries to seduce Neera, I think that was an extremely good joke, since he wants to be Lawful, but she is, well, so wild :P, and that was because of those pesky spoiler buttons that don't ask me the thing three times :P.
    What you can take as a reference is those many characters that nobody likes from BG1, because they lack in almost everything, all the BG1 characters lack in background story, not including those from the EE, they are like from BG2 with so many interactions, mainly to do more dialog in-between NPCs, and let you get into the dialog or let them continue (like many times in PS:T), oh, and take Planescape Torment as a NPC/dialog reference, it has only 7 NPCs, but each of them has a nice background that is much better to many from BG2.

  • RnRClownRnRClown Member Posts: 182
    It's a very broad question. Many of the characters from the original game remain etched in my memory, and fondly so. I mentioned in another thread, quite recently, of my affinity for Khalid. He is one of my definitive favorites. Others that stand out in memory from past playthroughs, from years long gone by, are Imoen, and Xan. Yeslick, is another.

    Imoen feels like family. She comes across as an eternal friend, and as such, family, who shall never betray Charname, nor leave them to stand alone. Whether Charname is good, bad, or indifferent, Imoen will be there, loyal to the end, and resolute in her efforts. It quite simply feels wrong to shun her. I never can.

    Xan is one of the most unique characters. He is quite simply memorable, in every sense of the word. His voice set, his dialogue, his portrait, the moonblade, the fact he is an enchanter, his glass half empty outlook on life. He brought both some comedy relief, and a more interesting path for which to utilize a mage, as oppose to simply causing explosions. Thank you, Xan!

    Yeslick, is a powerhouse, as I first recalled. He can dispel magic as an innate ability, has access to cleric spells which turned the tide of battle often, and can fight with purpose. His desire to make amends for his fatal mistake, innocent as it was, is admirable. He comes across as a character that Charname could really learn from, for the better. When one can be described as hard working, earnest, and humble, it is an honor to be respected. That is Yeslick.

    Khalid. Khalid is so often overlooked, not only by players, but by his father who thought little of him, devoting much more time to Khalid's half brothers. Both his in-game biography and the opinions from players align perfectly to explain the timid nature of Khalid. He may not be the bravest of souls, nor the mightiest of warriors, yet through dedication to martial pursuits he has learned how to defend himself, and those he cares for. Khalid was a friend of Gorion, who we know was a good man. He is loyal to his wife, Jaheira. Khalid, along with Jaheira, take very seriously their roles as guardians to the player character, as chosen by Gorion. Everything about Khalid emanates integrity. With a moments thought Khalid can appear to be one of the bravest characters available, considering that confrontation is not natural to him, and that confidence is where he is sorely lacking. It takes real courage to overcome such core struggles within. I imagine Charname forming a real rapport and fondness for Khalid as a result.

    I have of course spoken from a good aligned point of view. An evil approach could consider the same characters much, much differently.

  • Xei_Win_TohXei_Win_Toh Member Posts: 43
    My favorite...

    ...BG1 NPC: Shar-Teel. Not sure why, but she's the first that comes to mind. She does have an interesting personality and backstory that I would've wanted to see even more of.

    ...BG2 NPC: From the spoilers I've wound up reading, I suspect that Hexxat will take this place once I get around to playing with her. (that probably came out wrong). Until then, I'm gonna have to say Anomen, for the reason that he's the only original NPC whose path you really can influence in a major way.

    ...Story character: Phaere. Classic, well-executed Drow.

    ...Extremely minor character: See my username. I'd really like to know what her and her party's story is.
    "So a kensai, a huntress, a succubus, a drow, a marilith and a beholder walk into a bar..."
    Might be interesting if we could face them in Black Pits for whatever reason.
    Would be even more interesting if we could PLAY as them in a Black Pits-type deal.

  • yaballayaballa Member Posts: 41
    edited December 2013
    There are so many good NPCs. I wish we could meet more of the famous Forgotten Realms villains and heroes. There are many unique monsters from Forgotten Realms which we never met, only standard D&D monsters. Also, there should be more planar travel. Especially in ToB. Anyway, here are some of my favorite NPCs.

    The villains were all great but I remember Draconis, Kangaxx, and Demogorgon the best. They kicked my party's ass!
    I liked Melissan and the 5 Bhaalspawn but always thought they were underdeveloped! They felt rushed. The Watcher's Keep felt right though.

    Gorion (BG) is very memorable and retains much control over CHARNAME even in death. I remember when I first encountered the Master Wraith and he began telling me how bad I turned out. I lowered my head in shame - he was my dad after all.

    Saemon Havarian (BG2) - he's a cheat but a funny one.

    Clara (BG2EE) - I'm rooting for the less fortunate ones.

    Yeslick (BG) - He was a great companion and always seemed to save the day. I always pick him up.

    Branwen (BG) - I always thought she was the coolest companion because you had to un-petrify her. I heard that some people easily missed her because of that. She reminds me of those tough old-school heroines that kick ass and look good while doing it!

    Tazok (BG2) - How the hell did he survive the battle beneath Baldur's Gate? I want to find out more about him.

    Tamoko (BG) - I sometimes wonder who she was. She seems obscured by Sarevok's shadow.

    CHARNAME's Mom - I don't remember if she was in the original or only in that Ascension mod. I thought it was great to only see her for a short time.

    Safana - Why did she betray CHARNAME!?

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
    A couple of my favorite characters, in no particular order, are Sarevok, Jan Jansen, Jaheira, Edwin, Jon Irenicus, Renal Bloodscalp, Minsc (and Boo), Lehtinan, and Saemon Havarian. Of the new arrivals I'm rather fond of Baeloth.

    I like it when a character is either completely ridiculous (Sarevok, Baeloth, Minsc, and Jan Jansen come to mind), or when it feels like they're a realistic and organic part of the world they inhabit (like Jaheira and the Harpers in Athkatla, the Shadow Thieves, the Iron Throne, etc).

    Memorable voice acting helps tremendously.

  • rdarkenrdarken Member Posts: 660

    My favorite...

    ...BG1 NPC: Shar-Teel. Not sure why, but she's the first that comes to mind. She does have an interesting personality and backstory that I would've wanted to see even more of.

    While I pretty strongly dislike Shar-Teel, I think it would be awesome if we got to see more of her. I bet she does have a pretty interesting story, given who her dad is.

  • RnRClownRnRClown Member Posts: 182
    I should mention that my absence of Rasaad, Neera, and Dorn, is the result of a lack of time spent with them. I have yet to really form an opinion. Initial impressions for Neera were very positive. I like the writing behind the character, a lot.

  • AvenelAvenel Member Posts: 94
    Kivan is still my favourite NPC. I loved his characterisation and backstory in BG1, and his quest is so tied to charname's own storyline (ie trying to find and defeat Tazok, who has teamed up with Sarevok) that it feels natural that Kivan would follow charname to the end, until his own vengeance is satisfied. That feeling of natural companionship (with the same devoted cause to ending Sarevok and his allies) is compelling, even if in the vanilla BG1, Kivan is very short on words. The NPC pack that added extra dialogues for him made him a far-more fleshed out character, and made his longing for Deheriana so much more understandable and tragic, and it highlighted the very *elvenness* of that longing for his wife in Arvanaith (btw, thanks Domi, if you are reading, for all that hard work you fangirls love it).

    Then in BG2, the Kivan and Deheriana companions mod brings Kivan back to life - literally, in a sense, and if you have played the mod, you will understand what I mean. His romance take a long time, and is more of a strong friendship with subtle undertones of possibly being something more, but unlike other mods, when you finally reach the romance stage, it has the feel of something very worthwhile and fulfilling. His romance path in ToB is the best I have seen, and there are so many beautiful flirts and lovetalks that your charname really does feel as though she has become Kivan's world. I haven't raised Deheriana, so I can't comment properly on that, but from looking at the dialogue, the consequences seem equally interesting depending on charname's responses.

    So, enough of an essay for now, but it is still Kivan for my charname...

  • Night_WatchNight_Watch Member Posts: 514
    Hmm, that's a toughie to ask.

    I'm gonna say Noober and Neeber. I'm still waiting for Naaber, Niiber, Nuuber, and sometimes Nyyber =p

    Seriously though I'm not sure sure. Anyone whose alignment you can change (Sarevok, Viconia, Anomen [if I'm not mistaken], and your charname) would be a favourite simply because it implies a major change in their moral compass which I always thought to be pretty significant. It takes a lot for someone to dig deep, admit their fallacies, and mend their ways.

    Haven't played with any of the new npcs in SoA and ToB so can't comment on them.

    I'm still undecided though. I'll probably come back once I've thought this out a bit.

  • DrayenDrayen Member Posts: 127
    I haven't played BG2EE yet... so i cant talk for the new NPCs.

    My favorite is Jan, he's stupid, spouts BS all the time, but his stories are always interesting. You know he lies, but you just want to see where he is going with all this. I can understand whoever that some people would prefer to skip his walls of text though.

    I also like Haer'Dalis, he's not your usual guy, he sees life differently, has various opinions here and there, and is quite sharp, along with all his poetry.

  • MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
    I haven't touched his ToB content yet, but Dorn is easily the best party member I've ever recruited. He's the reason my first BG2EE run is evil, not good.

  • AramintaiAramintai Member Posts: 232
    My favorite characters are:
    -Jaheira - for all the above mentioned reasons. You guys really nalied it, I couldn't have said it better myself :). For me, she really is an integral party member through all the BG games, can't imagine playing witout her.

    -Imoen - she's protagonist's family and one of the best friends. She's also funny, brings some lightheartedness to the games and is quite useful on the field.

    -Minsc (and Boo) - he's a loyal friend and a walking avatar of buttkicking for goodness. He's also a
    great comic relief character. A very memorable character.

    -Keldorn - a very good character to have around. Ever ready to give a wise advice and ever useful against magic casters on the field, all good aligned protagonists should feel very comfortable having him around as a party member. He's an interesting take on paladins, in a good way, and his personal story is quite interesting as well, well thought of. I especially like his epilogue in ToB.

    -Haer'Dalis - I'm a sucker for Planescape setting. That he's from that setting is alone a solid reason to take him as a party member - his interactions with other characters bring a unique outlook on the events in the games and give a glimpse on the awesome PS setting. He also has a very interesting background and has a pretty solid build if you play him right. A truly unique character among the BG cast.

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162

    Hmm, that's a toughie to ask.

    I'm gonna say Noober and Neeber. I'm still waiting for Naaber, Niiber, Nuuber, and sometimes Nyyber.

    I want to meet his Welsh cousin Nwber.
    Well done!

  • TyranusTyranus Member Posts: 268
    Having played this game since it was released, I've grown quite an attachment to many of the characters. I haven't played a game yet that has characters I love so much.

    Minsc - Butt kicking for goodness! I remember the first time Boo went for the eyes... memories. Big, dumb, and in control. These were the characters I always played when my family would play Hero's Quest or D&D together. Minsc is awesome.

    Sarevok - Bros before Foes! Biggest bad-ass in Baldur's Gate until I decided go for a walk and destroyed his elaborate plans. When I installed ToB for the first time and he offered to join my party I was ecstatic! Then I looked at his stats! Then I saw him hit a Deathbringer Assault! Ohh... goodness! How did I ever manage to take this guy out when I was only level 8!

    Jon Irenicus - One of the best villians in a game I have ever played. Beautifully created so that, regardless of alignment, you wanted pay back! My evil guys never cared about Imoen being kidnapped, but they sure as hell weren't about to forget about those months of torture. A man so obsessed with power he was willing to destroy a god of his own pantheon. When that didn't work out, he just stole my soul and tried to take my birthright from me! Awesome, awesome voice acting; really what can't be said about Irenicus? Ascension mod adding him into the final fight with Mellisan was puts the icing on the cake.

    The Player Character - I'm a child of the God of Death and the Lord of Murder! I sow chaos in my passage, slaughter in my wake, and kill all in my path. I follow a fate of blood, destined to an existence of kinslaying and destruction. The balance of power in the planes rests upon my decisions. There's no other character I play Baldur's Gate to enjoy more than my own PC.

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
  • BlackhawkBlackhawk Member Posts: 33
    I've always been a fan of paladins, die-hard. I played through the game more times as a Cavalier than every other class combined (which is staggering considering I've been through Baldur's Gate I and Baldur's Gate II with the corresponding expansions at least 500 times since I was 14).

    My Paladin Bhaalspawn always united a heroic group of warriors to fight evil and save the day, so without further ado:


    As far as a character goes, he's an amazing addition to any good-aligned party as being both a crusader and a caring father figure. He mentors Anomen in an incredible little side-plot, sided with my character to help him fight the Bhaalspawn essence, and remained the strong arm of my party in slaying evil liches and menacing wizards. Reading his end story was tear inducing; I love that old warrior.


    I just don't understand the hatred for this character. He's so stereotypically arrogant and self righteous when you first meet him I just didn't take it seriously at all, but even better, became a true warrior for the light in both thought and deed upon passing his test for the Radiant Heart. At first he is an imperfect, and then indispensable friend. In battle Anomen is an unstoppable juggernaut when paired with Crom Faeyr and a heavy tower shield, strong enough to rain death or heal with his spells, then wade into melee as good as any fighter.


    My first and favorite love interest in any PC or console game to date, Aerie is a magnificent and beautiful soul that has been brutalized by evil men but finds the strength (with the help of her knight in shining armor) to rise above a past fraught with pain. She was my characters heart; his confidant, friend, comrade and lover. As a party member she can cast nearly any spell in the game, and provides amazing support for all her plate wearing friends. My character could have been a God and become an immortal force for good across the planes, but he gave it all up for the sake of the woman he loved - and she was worth it.


    You would be hard pressed to find a more courageous and virtuous boon companion than Mazzy Fentan, halfling paladin and great adventurer, who bonds with Aerie as her 'squire' and finds both acceptance and friendship from Keldorn. Mazzy is a tough, tenacious warrior who can stand on the front lines and fight any legions of fiends, and her end story will truly touch your heart. Her admiration for my character and his virtuous leadership, as well as her pledge to follow him to the gates of the abyss, meant everything and more.

    Minsc & Boo

    The one, the only - the final hope that cannot be extinguished. Minsc is both treasured friend and ferocious nemesis of evil who goes through pain and loss but rises above, adopting Aerie as his 'witch' and seeking his destiny among the illustrious heroes in the Grand Hall of the Berserker Ice Lodge. His dialogue is memorable and humorous, his support of my character unfailing, and utility in combat indispensible.

  • DrugarDrugar Member Posts: 1,566
    Had to think about this for a while because it was hard to choose. I suppose I have two requirements for a character to like.
    A) Is the character fun to have around? Does he/she make me laugh and/or provide new insights?
    B) Does the character evolve in the game or is he/she in exactly the same state as the beginning, only with 20 extra levels?

    My list;

    Anomen - Because his quest is one that's actually very down to earth and something that is familiar with a depressing amount of people; he was raised in an awful household, given only a horrible example to follow and is striving to be a better person without really understanding what that *means*.
    He's an arrogant ass because that's the closest his upbringing has allowed him to be to a real knight; one who leads soldiers, smites monsters and saves damsels. Underneath it you see the anger, prejudice and assholery because that's normal to him. His quest is surpassing that and becoming a *real* knight, who abandons his past trauma's, forgives his abusive father and lets his anger go. Alternatively, he can give into his hate and follow in his fathers footsteps, being forever dissappointed in the world for being a horrible place and in himself for allowing it to destroy his ideals.
    He's one of the most complex characters in the game (which is why a lot of players just dismiss him as 'asshole' and move on) but he allows the player to explore realistic tragedy (which is not "I'm suddenly a woman") and this changes his personality for either the better or worse. Of all characters, he evolves the most, which is something I love to see in an epic tale such as Baldur's Gate.
    (Much akin to the similarly Lawful Neutral Dak'kon in PS:Torment, whose belief system you can either affirm or destroy, setting him free or shackling him to eternal servitude.)

    Aerie - Less whiny than percieved, she remains true and moral throughout the game, despite being bullied by...well almost everyone. She gains strength of character throughout the game and by ToB does not take shit from anyone. That you can have a relationship with her that actually ends in childbirth (a cookie for the pregnant-Aerie look mod) was something new and interesting, as well as another NPC (Haer'dalis) taking an intrest in her. I don't recall any other game having inter-party relationships develop to that point (aside from a tacked on thing in ME3) and I liked it a lot. So, I really mostly like her for strong moral fibre and two relationship mechanics that are not often used but I found very cool.

    Edwin - The classic asshole. Almost everything he says is demeaning, rude or insulting. Purely on the list for fun, as he doesn't develop past "arrogant buttmonkey who needs to be knocked down a peg" at all, even after his transformation. I really wish his ending was something other than "He did something stupid again and he's a woman again".
    That said, raw spellcasting power doesn't do him any harm when it comes to picking spots on my team.

    Minsc - Though overhyped by the thousand thousand people who proclaim him to be the best character created ever, he IS pretty damn hilarious, a good example of a low int/wisdom character still having a good moral centre and his affection for Boo is never not sweet. Some surprising depth in BG2 when paired with his new witch but no real evolution to speak of (and none to be expected really). He can inject fun into any portion of the game.

    Jan Jansen - Practicly a copy of Minsc in terms of mood; zany hijinks and almost every line is quotable, with a sudden moment of sweetness and hidden tragedy which adds depth to his character but no real evolution to speak of (and no real evolution anyone would be waiting for anyway).

    Jaheira - Along with Anomen, she feels the most *real* of the characters available. A strong personality who sticks by your character through everything with no wavering loyalty and a very mature (no not in that sense) romance to boot. No grand epic quests, no slaying of liches or unearthing hidden secrets is needed for her. Just moving on from the death of her husband and having to choose between her friend and her job (again, not something very unrecognizable). She always has good advice to offer (whether you want it or not) and her change is not so much from A to B as it is from A to B to A again.

    Others deserve a mention too of course;
    Tiax - Whoever thought him up is a genius, he's never boring. But it's good he's not in BG2, that'd run the joke into the ground.
    Kivan - The tortured soul. Though it really took the NPC project to bring out the best in him. Facing Tazok in the Bandit Camp was a very good moment.
    Xzar and Montaron - You can feel the romantic tension between them.
    Khalid - Specificly, Jaheira AND Khalid. How many games allow you to bring a married couple along? Their relationship was mean and harsh on the outside, but very sweet and caring on the inside.
    Keldorn - How a paladin should be. Plus, I like elderly advisor NPC's (loved Wynne in Dragon Age for example).
    Viconia - The bitch who...was really only a bitch. I would've liked to see more depth in her worship of Shar or more examples of WHY she was so evil. When she shifted to Neutral, I didn't feel much had changed.
    Dorn - Included for sheer psychopathical levels of evil. Not cutting corners there, if there were animations for mutilation, they'd ALL be used. I expected the depth of a rain puddle, instead I got the depth of a baby bath. A pleasant surprise.
    Haer'dalis - Excellently written, fun to pair with almost everyone in the party but he cannot be tamed (which is perfectly in character as well).

    No real experience with Neera or Rasaad yet and Hexxat so far hasn't been piping up much (at spellhold atm, not going so fast and Dorn's a lot more talky) so I can't give my verdict completely.

  • XavioriaXavioria Member Posts: 874
    I have a few favorites, but I'm going to limit it to three with the very last one being my all time favorite.

    1. Anomen: This is more from a storytelling standpoint. I completely understand how he acted during the first part of his romance, but his arrogance and harshness are quite apparent, but are obviously his way of venting and aren't actually indicative of his true nature, and are more of just walls of defense for himself. I LOVE how this character develops, because it's so dynamic, and realistic, at the same time, that i just can't help but consistently choose a female character and replay the romance. I know that the majority of females don't like his romance... but it's actually a little odd to me because most females I know KEEP CHOOSING this type of guy, only hoping he ends up pretty much the way Anomen ends up by the end of the game, which is loving, caring, still strong and adamant, and ready to lay down his life no matter what your origins are.

    2. Safana: Safana is a VIXEN and it's a little odd to me that in the way of adventuring... you never end up meeting any others in the unmodded game. I could see her with a VERY interesting and VERY lustful romance in BG2. She's fighter ready, yet a thief and a bit of a liar, but at the same time, quite alluring and interesting. I would love a bit more character development with her, as she just HAS to have some kind of bitter memories that might show off a little bit more of a vulnerable side of hers... if she has one. I HATED how she ended up in BG2, because she always struck me as quite clever, she wouldn't be so stupid as to go up against Gorion's Ward. And she wouldn't have ended up with Coran either.

    3. SHAR-TEEL: YAY ER MAH GERD. I love this woman. She's TOO strong, too useful, and amazingly connected to the story of BG1, which the NPC project reflected upon. Angelo's Daughter is aggressive, and doesn't HAVE a vulnerable side... well.... a vulnerable side that isn't snuffed down too deep by her behavior. I don't like the that NPC project gave her a romance with males, as that makes no sense to me, but I think she would make an AMAZING Female PC romance in BG2, somewhat like Dorn's actually. Yes, she's evil, but she's there to help, and there to kick butt. I really would love to see a return from her as well.

  • pedrorqpedrorq Member Posts: 54
    RnRClown said:

    Khalid was a friend of Gorion, who we know was a good man. He is loyal to his wife, Jaheira.

    Not in the books he isn't!

  • EmpyrialEmpyrial Member Posts: 107

    Thanks! I lurk a lot but I really wanted to add to this post. I might just become an active poster.

    Oh, I also thought I'd say I really liked Yoshimo's twist as well. I sadly never played with him for most of my early runs, so when I was betrayed I was quite surprised.


    I'm glad I'm not the only one who actually found Anomen physically attractive. Back when I first started that was actually one of the reasons I took him into the party. I blame the hormones. Do you know if there is there a mod that makes him male romanceable?

    I just noticed that I did not at all discuss any of my characters from a gaming perspective. I won't lie, I sometimes play an overlevelled sorcerer so I can play with a less-than-optimal set up.

  • BaldursCatBaldursCat Member Posts: 432
    So, I pondered for a while whether to reply here as, despite having lots to say for myself, I've really only played the game(s) with a handful of NPCs so I don't have a broad range of experience of all the characters in the game.

    Additionally, my views of those characters I haven't played the game(s) through with - and in some cases those I have- are coloured by fan fiction, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as much of what I've read seems to be regarded as pretty faithful to how the characters are portrayed in-game and enhances rather than detracts from them, plus it's a credit to the game's developers that they created characters people care about enough to write about outside of the RPG. But then I wonder if this is a perspective you're looking for here? For example, I love Edwin but have never taken him in a party as I tend to favour good aligned groups, I'm currently running a comedy value BGII game though so that will be rectified.

    Maybe I should start with my favourite Charname, Merin. A talented musician, she loved growing up in Candlekeep because she had the opportunity to learn her craft from some of the greatest bards, who would come by with new works for the library and to research stories for their latest epics. Her most treasured possession - aside from her familiar, Clyde, who vociferously objects to being described as anyone's possession - is a mandolin given to her by Gorion on the 18th anniversary arrival at the Keep. She's fiercely loyal to her friends and would do anything for them, she's also an outrageous flirt, she just can't help herself, which can be great for charming a crowd but it has got her in trouble in the past; now however she only has eyes for one person.... It's hard to say why I've clicked with this Charname over others I've played, her stats aren't too bad, they're good in the places that really matter to a bard but rubbish in others - in the case of the CON stat as a result of my ineptitude - but we just keep going and scraping through.

    Moving on to my favourite NPCs...

    First up Jaheira (& Khalid). Khalid hasn't really had too much love in this thread so far but I think he's great. A solid fighter if you can manage his morale issues but I don't take him along for that, I think he's really sweet and I love his relationship with Jaheira, there appears a lot of affection there underneath and though not immediately apparent he's not so henpecked as he first appears. My absolute favourite banter is this (paraphrased so it may not be word for word):

    Khalid: "Uh, Jaheira, w-why must you be so-so..."
    Jaheira: "Insufferable?"
    Khalid: "Y-yes, that's it."

    I think it's a shame he didn't make it to the second game. Moving on to Jaheira herself, when I play female Charnames she always ends up cast in the role as mother figure, to the point where I find it very difficult to justify losing her from a party. She even has a nickname 'Jaheirbear' after I shapechanged her for a giggle and her sprite stayed that way because of a bug (I had to reload but the nickname stuck). I still feel bad about 'ditching' her for Valygar in my latest playthrough, I'd intended to do his quest and then get her back but I've got a party full of casters and he has the best stealth ability so he stayed.

    Next, Jan Jansen. Oh gods, what do I say about this dude. I LOVE him. I picked him up to replace Nalia, who I'd planned to take as far as Spellhold, but of course if you keep her around for long enough that isn't plain sailing, and from the first BUUUURP! "Uh, pardon me, turnip reflux." I was crying laughing. The childish humour hits me right where I live to be honest. I wouldn't care if he was useless -which he's not, far from it - I'd just keep him around for the banter. The only reason I said Ta-raa to him was because I wanted my little sis back with me. I also think his personal quest is really sweet and sad and I wish there was a more satisfactory outcome for it.

    On to... Anomen. Okay, from an utterly shallow perspective his portrait is hot, resembling Joe Mangaiello is really not a bad thing. (Or is it that Joe resembles Anomen?) Personality wise he's hard work but that's part of I love him; he is the antithesis of the knight in shining armour archetype he wants so desperately to be. He's a mass of insecurities and contradictions and while in real life I'd think life is too short to deal with a potential boyfriend like him, I enjoy the fact you can have either a positive or a negative influence on him. I think he's very cannily conceived. My main complaints with him are that the LG romance path feels unfinished because a. the romance dialogues stop once you reach a certain event and b. there's another event that should have consequences for him but it doesn't.

    On the subject of Knights in Shining Armour... Keldorn, what can I say that hasn't already been said? He's a hero, the man, with Carsomyr in his grip he chunks stuff for fun and yet outside of being a knight of the order his life is falling apart. I love (almost) everything about the guy: the portrait, the voice acting. I don't love that he has huge issues with Viconia you can't do anything about - maybe a high CHAR PC should be able to do something - but that just adds and extra layer of realism to him. I also love his romance... (What? I said that already? ;) )

    Well, considering I wasn't sure I was going to contribute to this thread I've written rather a lot so... Honourable mentions go to: Xzar for hilarious voice acting, Aerie for being so goddamned lovely and a brave little lion under the shyness and Minsc for being, well, Minsc. And I'm sure I'm forgetting loads of NPCs

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    @belgarathmth wow.... everything you said is literally plucked out of my mind. I had to do a double take to see if I wrote that myself. I like your taste.

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