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Who's your favorite character? (Survey #1)



  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,147
    edited December 2013

    Keldorn - every party needs an Obi-Wan Kenobi or a Wynne, and Keldorn fills the role in BG admirably. He's a desperately needed father figure for a Charname who is still grieving the loss of Gorion. He has a touching story about his wife and family, and he models for the world what a paladin should be - he is the antithesis of the "Lawful Stupid", badly played paladins that so many people think the class is supposed to be.

    Yeah, Keldorn is like Obi-Wan, that explain WHY my favorita characters are Obi-Wan and Keldorn, still, I like Darth Bane better, he is the real baddie in Star Wars.

    Well, considering I wasn't sure I was going to contribute to this thread I've written rather a lot so... Honourable mentions go to: Xzar for hilarious voice acting, Aerie for being so goddamned lovely and a brave little lion under the shyness and Minsc for being, well, Minsc. And I'm sure I'm forgetting loads of NPCs

    Xzar has the best soundset ever, excluding Irenicus, he is my favorite wizard in the game.
    List of CrevsDaak's favorite wizards in Baldur's Gate:
    1) Jonaleth "Jon" Irenicus, The Exile.
    2) Xzar, Zentharim bazterd with the bezt zoundzet ever.
    3) Edwin(a), the only (fe)male that wasn't fe(male) the whole game.
    4) The Nameless One, reaching level 127 and having 1 point every level up seems convincing.
    4) Baeloth, an arrogant, powerful-but-not-that-much sorcerer that knows lots of clumsy tricks and is also a bazterd like Xzar.
    5) Sendai, she crushed Anomen, Jan and Hairy Dee just because she was a powerful spell caster, her attitude was funny for me, all the female Drows make me laugh, killing people cuz' they are angry.
    6) Gorion, but only from the vanilla, when he kills Sarevok, making the game crash like a glass, while in ToB you realize he was the worst of the bazterdz.
    7) Elminster, he says he won't help much, but he helps a lot, if you read carefully and know what he is talking about...
    8) JAN JANSEN THE TALKER WALKER MONKEY SMUGGLER KILLER OF RED DRAGONS WITH FLAME ARROWS (@Quartz XD) he IS awesome, he is a Multi-class, so he shouldn't be here (like Sendai, but, whoops!), but his dialogs are awesome, his voice is awesome, HE IS AWESOME, his story ROCK OF THE JOINT HE ROCKS MAN!! I love him like no other NPC, he should appear in BG3, or not only @AndrewFoley will call for advocades :P if he don't gets to BG3 I will wait for a NPC mod to came out, just be sure that this was only a joke.

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