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Dorn and Shar-teel argument ends abruptly.

MessiMessi Member Posts: 738
So there is dialogue where Shar-teel seems to challenge Dorn into a fight, but it just ends without nothing happening. That seemed a bit weird based especially on how Shar-teel usually acts so I looked in the dialog.tlk, and there seems to be dialogue for both Shar-teel and Dorn winning that fight that never happens.

Shar-teel: You! Tall, dark, and moronic! Face me in battle! I've had enough of you!
(StrRef: 28345)
Dorn: I have no time to deal with the likes of you.
(StrRef: 28539)
Shar-teel: A coward AND a man? Come, draw your blade!
(StrRef: 28346)

And that's where it ends in game as it is.

However there are also these dialogues that seem like they should happen after that duel:

Dorn win:

Shar-teel: Bah! A lucky strike, but I admit your victory.
(StrRef: 28347)

Shar-teel win:

Shar-teel: Hahaha! Feeling a little under the weather, blackguard? For all your powers you are little more than child with a butter knife.
(StrRef: 28348)
Dorn: An unfair contest, woman. Face me after a day's rest with only a blade in your hand, and we shall see who is the better fighter. I tire of this distraction.
(StrRef: 28541)



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