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The Bhaalspawn Journals - Roleplaying Multiplayer Game



  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    edited December 2013
    The Account of the sword coast assassin continues:
    Day Nine:

    - Dispite my aversion to write this down, I feel I must, if only to find peace of mind. A great darkness befell me on this day. Today, I found my mistress, as expected, but unfortunately I failed her. I was too late to save her from the clutches of a raving madman. No doubt a puppet of the very bandit scourge that took her in the first place. He managed to take down three of us with surprising ease before the thief couple and I took his head.
    - I am so angry right now, at the bandits, my friends, myself... everything I see, i want to punish. I must centre myself and continue my quest regardless. The only way I can honor Carsa's memory now, is to see my ascension all the way through. The only thing left to me now is finding her cloak, wherever it may be.

    Day Ten:

    - I loathe to pick up this journal again, nothing makes sense anymore. Yesterday, our group took down a bounty hunter, trying to keep an artisan from completing a sculpture. The others seemed to find beauty in his work, I'm afraid I cannot see it anymore. Justice was served, they say.
    - We finally entered the notorious mines that spawned many a nightmare for the outlying areas. Only kobolds inhabited the cave system, or so it seemed at first. After hordes of the yipping fiends and a score of deadly traps, we found a half orc who was apparently pulling the strings behind this foul theatre. Morale was starting to plummet before we confronted this cretin, but after a fierce battle, most of our group was notably beginning to waver. I advised against it numerous times but we eventually rested up in the half-orc's den, after barricading the entrance.

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    edited December 2013
    The Account of the sword coast assassin continues:

    Day Twelve:

    - An eventful day, today. After Maeglin insisted on exiting through an auspiscious tunnel around the back, the passage collapsed and we found ourselves cast into the Cloudpeak foothills. The ancient tombs in the area provided us with a wealth of magical items, along with an equal amount of grief from their undead owners.
    - The assassin problem seems to persist, and they grow more resourceful at every turn. First they knew to find us out in the foothills, an organised and formidable party for once. A second assailant, a spellsword of some repute - or so he claimed - awaited us upon our return to the Nashkel inn. We did recieve high praise and adulation from the mayor for our services regarding the iron crisis. The party seems exceptionally giddy, we... they are celebrating our accomplishments right now. I shall continue this at a later date, my own vision is starting to blur.

    Day Thirteen:

    - To my shame I must admit I got carried away last night. I do not remember much, but in my grief, I did slander my half- elf friend's name to some of the patrons in the inn. I blamed him and his for letting my sweet Carsa die, but I know I really only have myself to blame. If only I had listened to her more closely when I still had the chance, I might have been more powerful. I shall have to make amends with my compatriots for my poor behaviour.
    - Maeglin urges us to persue these bandit leaders, allthough he does not know their whereabouts. Considering my own goals would compell me to scour the outlying lands, I voiced my wishes to seek not only for this bandit camp, but for my chance at absolution aswell. We set out in a few minutes, westward, into the wilds once again.

    Day Fourteen:

    - A gruesome battle took place late last night, when we happened upon a villainous village of voracious xvarts. They were exceptionally enervated at our presence there, but before we could make our leave, they stormed us with overwhelming numbers. Luckily, the blue gnomes were, as always, no threat, regardless of how many they were, or what they chose to summon forth. After dispatching so many in vain, the slaughter did weigh heavy on my heart. They were only protecting their home after all.
    - We ran into yet another blundering bandit, intent on intimidating a group that has seemingly ceased to fear anything - which, in most cases, would seem to be admired, but I fear it may be simply hubris on their part. The ruffians were easily dispatched ofcourse, but many of the highwaymen are adept practitioners of poisonous apparatuses, and several of us have had to take measures to counteract such foul play.

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  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    The Account of the sword coast assassin continues: (i should've called it andre's journal after all :P)

    Day Sixteen:

    - I awoke in the Nashkel temple this morning, bloody and dazed. They say I tried to take on a mountain bear on my own and fell at the behest of its massive claws. Tis funny, but I dont even remember any bears. Last thing I can recall is a wayward paladin, a horde of gibberlings, and a host of marauding ogres. Was I to be the only one to fall, I would have felt more shame, but as it were, the bear in question took down three of us, so it is not, as they say, too much to bare.
    - We will set out to return to the shoreline, for it seems the others could not secure all our belongings. There is little I had of value, but my batch of books is all I have left now, and I must reacquire them, before bandits find them and use them to fuel their fires.

    Day Nineteen:

    - After making sure to collect our effects, we continued northward along the coastline. Maeglin seemed adamant to adhere to his prior persuasion of locating the bandit bastion at all cost. While meandering about the winderness, we came across a cleric, of sorts, who beseeched us to deliver her friend from a bane most baleful. His name was Brage, apparently some of the others had learned of this man already through the bounty official in Nashkel. Accused of a most slanderous slaying in and around Nashkel intself, this man was to be brought to justice. Upon learning the truth behind this unspeakable crime however, it soon became apparent that this man was but a victim himself. Kang was not so easily convinced and professed, quite strongly, that nothing short of an execution would appease him. We narrowly averted a descent into Pandemonium when Maeglin finally put his foot down and decided in my favor. We escorted the seemingly shaken sentinel back to the closest temple rather than the local garrison, for judgement in such matters is only reserved for the Gods. Hopefully Kang will not continually display such blind obedience to the law, and return to our company of good men.
    - The root of Brage's retention to madness lay in the cursed weapon he was wielding at the time. Maeglin didnt believe me when I explained to him the extent of evil held within, and persisted that the priest whould have a look. I do not profess much, but I'll not continually have him second guess my ample affluence of knowledge. I left the sword in his hands, for they could not pay me enough to touch it again.

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    edited January 2014
    Andre's Journal... (having not played a while i've lost track of the days, might have to edit later, pay no attention to them :P)

    Day Twenty:

    - In an attempt to further explore the nearby mountains, Maeglin led us eastward again, just south of where we vacated the Nashkel mines. We were but a small stretch removed from town before being beset by a boorish Flaming Fist fighter. He implored us to investigate a departed defector. I am not one to stand in the way of lawmen, lawless though they may be, so reluctantly, we did agree. His name was samuel, and while most of us were quite concerned at the state in which we found him, Kang was once again only interested in seeing the already dying man hang. One might not expect it, but he is the most savage among us. Must take care not to step on his toes, lest we suffer his ruthlessness.

    Day Twenty Four:

    - We traveled long and far yesterday, for the lady traveling with Samuel pleaded us to bring him to the Mirrorshade woman outside the Friendly Arm. With his anguish alleviated, I had thought the matter resolved, but Kang would not let it go. With a nebulous notion, he instructed us to head north, to Baldur's Gate. Not long after, we were waylayed by burrowing beasts that proved more than a challenge for our intimidating troupe.
    - Several trips to the temple made our journey more of a jaunt, as in the end, the gates were shut, and it turned out the only reason for coming here was to turn in Samuel. Fortunately, Maeglin did urge Lady Mirrorshade to hide him away afore leaving. Further folly proving only the extent of Kang's zealous dedication was shown when we encountered a priest of Umberlee. Apparently, the local agrarians we spoke to earlier, snatched a certain item from her. The Bitch Queen will not aquire aid on my behalf, so I must admit, I didnt really wish to stop Kang as he pelted her with magic missiles.
    - On a lighter note, I am once again ignored by Maeglin, who apparently assumes I know nothing, and insists on throwing gold away to acquire information I already have. I shall not afford my assistance any longer if this keeps up.

    Day Twenty Nine:

    - The trepidatious tillers we met yesterday carried a secret darker than any of us had anticipated. It became clear, only too late, that the Queen of the Depths and her followers were subject of their wrath, and they made a deal with Talos to achieve their vengeance. As I pointed out before, I bear no love for either, but having unkowingly served The Destroyer leaves more than just a bad taste in my mouth.
    - Tonight, we venture back toward our original orientation and we shall persist to purge the perilous coastline once more.

    Day Thirty One:

    - Just north of where we nabbed the maniacal knight, we encountered what looked like a historical digsite. My curiosity got the better of me and while we were urged to eliminate the chief archeologist by some disgruntled digger, we disrespectfully disagreed and offered our help to the other party instead. Upon entering however, the air felt foul and my suspicion proved correct when some of the workers started speaking in ancient tongues before felling each other in front of us. They spoke of Kozah, another, more ancient name of the Stormlord Talos himself. He would seem omnipresent indeed, the way his name haunts us so. The workers had unearthed a small figurine, indistiguishable by ordinary means, but the thing emanated an evil unlike anything I've ever encountered. I had hoped my companions would see reason in my urge to leave it be, and exit the tombs before our good friend Kozah disagreed with our presence. I do not know who took the thing, in spite of my warnings, but as we vacated the grave, we were met by an agent of chaos. An ancient Doomguard warrior commanded us to return the artifact or face death, in his master's name. While I agreed and pleaded our group to comply, Kang would not hear reason and coarsly culled the creature into submission. To accost a God is not something anyone should choose to do, especially a God of Destruction. But then I've grown accustomed to being ignored in this group.

    Day Thirty Five:

    - Our latest actions of greed and complacency were offset somewhat this morning, as we rescued a small boy from a pack of hungry worgs. I sometimes loose sight of myself being with these rather questionable compatriots, but times like this remind me of what Carsa always wanted me to become. A true hero. Or a good man, at the very least.
    - A seer of sorts stopped us at the side of the road a short while later. She offered the gift of her vision to Maeglin, who ofcourse readily agreed to her meagre price hoping she might divulge the location of the bandits we search for. Her assessment of the past was uncanny, but once she attempted to peer into the future, she suddenly refused to continue, and eventually attacked us after Maeglin's incessant insistance.

    Day Fourty Two:

    - Again, to my shame, I awoke in a temple near Beregost after a run-in with a group of sirines along the shoreline. I only remember the song itself, but Kang assured me they were stunning like nothing he'd seen before. He ofcourse told me this away from Imoen's delicate ears, for it seems he is not always as fearless as he would like.
    - Back on the road, we encountered a drow, in broad daylight. He had run afoul of a large gnoll pack and petitioned us to assist him in disposing of them. While we agreed, some more reluctantly than others, I sincerely doubt he ever needed our help at all. He revealed himself as Drizzt Do'Urden, a ranger of legend, and somewhat of a rolemodel for me, I must admit.
    - We strayed from our path to bring a mad cleric to justice. Beregost was buzzing with news of this lunatic who, apparently, raised a small army of undead just outside the city. Hopefully he won't give us too much trouble.

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  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    @liberelli well each and every time i try to identify it is because it doesn't like to update it on my screen lol. luckily i can't identify it anyway as it already is so we are not wasting gold

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    edited January 2014
    Andre's Journal:

    Day Fourty Seven:

    - The befuddled Bassilus beset us with his 'family' when it became clear that no amount of talk would bring him to his senses. Despite having a formidable number of vile vassals at his command, he was no match for our combined might, and was dispatched expertly.
    - After we rid ourselves of another bandit party, we found a most curious creature in the nearby hills. A chivied chicken, chased by a wolf. As we slew the hounding hound, the bird thanked us for our help... it thanked us. Discounting our disbelief, we agreed to assist this fowl most foul, as it turned out to be a mere victim of a failed poloymorph spell. I must say I know all too well what that's like.
    - His master was none too accomodating, as it turned out this 'apprentice' stole several items from him, among which was a pair of cursed gauntlets that brought about this adverse affliction. Through a most dubious process, a spell called 'Antichickenator', which required some necromantic components, the apprentice was returned to his former form. The mage himself, Thalantyr, reluctantly offered his provisions to us in return, for a price ofcourse.

    Day Fourty Eight:

    - The day ended in a most enjoyable manner last night. Thalantyr gave me the gauntlets to which his apprentice owed his poultry state, a most unfotunate set of atire to be sure. I made a quip and suggested they were imbued with magic that would make the wearer exceptionally strong. In all honesty I never expected anyone to fall for it, but Maeglin slipped them on before I could stop him. Hilarity ensued ofcourse as he quickly started fumbling about, unable to even hold his sword straight anymore. Unfortunately he was not as amused as the rest of us, even with Branwen able to cure his affliction on the spot.
    - We move on the shore one more time today, hopefully it will be the last time. I am not well spent on the wilderness.

    Day Fifty:

    - I met the most enchanting creature yesterday, a nereid, on land of all things. She professed her gratitude for helping her, though I cannot recall what we did exactly, and offered a kiss as payment. One never turns down kiss from the epitomy of beauty ofcourse, and so I happily accepted her bounty. The kiss filled me with a bliss most divine, and allthough the others insisted I had been killed by it, I remember nothing of the sort, so I suspect they were merely jealous. We were attacked by an ogre-mage shortly after so I had to protect my sweet Shoal once more. If only she would've stayed, perhaps I could've found hapiness again sooner, rather than later.
    - Not long after, Kang found himself on the wrong end of an ogre's club and was greivously wounded. We asked a local healer for help, and while he was very friendly and accommodating, he just left Kang for dead, without a word. Perhaps they've met before... that would explain everything.

    Day Fifty Three:

    - After settling some affairs at the Song of the Morning Temple, maeglin was menaced by a commoner who threatened to turn into lich form if we refused to pay his price. This ofcourse resulted in a slew of slander and jeers from our weary party. Ultimately the plastered peasant passed out and left us to go about our bussiness unhindered.
    - Not far from the temple we came across a lupine undead of the most vulgar variety. At first glance it looked like a wolf, but on closer inspection, it was more akin to a zombified corpse. Aside from the rotten stench, it seemed to be missing quite a few muscle groups, and the little skin it had left was merely covered in a few plucky patches of tangled fur. While I'm no stranger to battle as of late, those eerie eyes may haunt my dreams for the next few days still.

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    Is anyone else still writing? I feel like Andre has gone from 'unofficial' to 'fully fledged' lorekeeper these days :)

  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    Liberelli said:

    Is anyone else still writing? I feel like Andre has gone from 'unofficial' to 'fully fledged' lorekeeper these days :)

    i am just waiting until we are done with all the wilderness. not much to write about. i guess you could say maeglin just isn't writing out there and more focused on the task of finding the bandits. should only be one more session of wilderness so i will likely get back to writing soon

  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    so, I am still thinking about our future BG2 companions a bit. we haven't talk about it much, and I've been running some ideas through my head on the people I might want. What we will need is a permanent member and a temp member until we rescue Imoen. So here are some personal though(spoiler tagged because they are long and though out:


    i feel we will need a healer, unless sonarch does kill off donathal and the replacement ends up being a healer. anyway, if not, these are what I am feeling

    Viconia- heindrich expressed a desire to see her romance after he find out she could be changed to true neutral. I am ok with her myself, although I also have my doubts. First of all it isn't until TOB that she can be changed in the first place, so until then we would need rep management or EEKEEP her alignment so she doesn't leave. I also am not too much for the way you are so pushed around in the relationship, despite her being possibly the favorite of the originals. we do need a cleric though and she is the best. she also has good AC to tank, though her low health make it also a bad idea for her to be the main tank because when she is hit she will die fast. her magic resistance is also very handy.

    Jaheira- canon, and my personal favorite LI. if we do go with her I would also express interest in bringing her into BG1 for a bit to make her more familiar to the group. she makes for a great tank imo, with 17 dex, con, and 15 str allows for full plate. she doesn't have the most spells being a multiclass and low wis but healing isn't as important at this point, especially with such easy temple access in the city. her personal quest is long and rewarding

    Anomen- heindrich also desired to bring him along. he is a great tank and healer, but it would disallow me having an LI, as I have kind of ruled out Aerie and Neera for that. I never tried him so it would be good to let me see what he is all about, and I do understand that he is useful.

    temp until Imoen

    Yoshimo- the obvious answer. he leaves us as we get Imoen after all. however, I feel it would be better to just pick him up before spellhold, have him betray us, then get Imoen. We could roleplay he was our informant, scout or something to make his betrayal at least seem personal. he is an option, nonetheless

    Minsc- the other canon character. however, I pretty much considered tanks important for the main character. he isn't much of a tank without the dex gauntlets, but I still think we could use something else. if we take him it would be more because I just can't leave him behind. I love this character and I know heindrich loves this character :)

    Aerie- she would do well adding in extra cleric and mages spells. I don't feel the need for her to be with us in the end however. i don't think I would want to be with her, and I doubt she would want to be with a thief anyway lol. still, I could see taking her along until we get Imoen.

    Neera- heindrich wanted me to romance her, but I am really certain I am not interested in that. I apologize to you, but I don't feel it is as good as the old ones. however, I do like her character and quest. Just not liking someones romance doesn't mean I hate this completely after all. she is a powerful non-evil mage, and a character that not all of us experienced yet, and I could see having her along for the ride for a bit.

    open slot for quests- one other thing we could do is leave the last slot open for whatever quest we are up to. I know heindrich did this in his LP, though I am not thinking of removing characters for it when 4 characters are made by us, only leaving 2 to lose out on xp from these quests. keep in mind that most have quests after we meet them, so if we want to do those we need to find a way to EEKEEP away the timer for those or keep them with us awhile as we do random stuff. we could also take the EE NPCs for the quests they give

    i thought of this now mostly thinking about the Jaheira, Viconia, and Neera options. it would be good to have them in BG1 if we intend to have them in 2, as they generally act like they traveled with us. we are still a while away though, I just thought it would be good for those characters.

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    Liberelli said:

    Is anyone else still writing? I feel like Andre has gone from 'unofficial' to 'fully fledged' lorekeeper these days :)

    lol... erm... *embarrassed*

    Many thanks to Andre for keeping a journal in the meantime!

    I've been kinda busier than I expected, and writing takes a fair amount of effort. I tend to do these things in bursts, I've actually done some already, but to avoid spewing a stream of like 20 posts, I intend to do a few big ones soon.

  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    at least you can save drafts. i will likely put all my wilderness stuff into one big one myself

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
    No need to rush i guess. I used to write it up shortly after we played and then post along the other characters' journals to keep the timelines going together somewhat, but over the holidays i kinda just kept posting :)

    As far as the later teammates go, i kinda hope don will get revamped to tend to our wounds so we can get a little more liberty in who we take. Yoshimo is always a favorite of mine, and Minsc ofcourse, but since i dont need any romancing from npcs, i'm fine with whoever we pick tbh. We can leave most ppl in the coper coronet anyway if we're doing someone's quest.
    As of right now, we can easily get rid of Branwen and make room for someone else, maybe even Faldorn. Tho we cant really use her in BG2, we still might run into her :)

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,600
    @Heindrich1988, I enjoyed reading all these journal stories. Are you guys still playing? It looks like the last post was made about two and a half weeks ago.

  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    edited January 2014

    @Heindrich1988, I enjoyed reading all these journal stories. Are you guys still playing? It looks like the last post was made about two and a half weeks ago.

    we are indeed still playing. @heindrich1988 had his lp to worry about, @sonarch hasn't really had the time at all, @liberelli recently hasn't, and I have been too focused on completing my modded single player game so that I can wipe away the mods for the BG2 multiplayer. the party just arrived in Baldur's Gate

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    edited January 2014

    Thanks for your support as always mate. Yes the game is still going strong :) The journals not so much :D

    We've just entered Baldur's Gate on Wednesday, and we're about to have another session in 20mins or so.

    Writing so comprehensively like I did at the beginning is very time consuming, and I got a bit busy with trying to finish my LP and also get some gaming done! Thankfully 'Andre' has kinda kept it going, which is fitting as our party bard :D

    I will try to catch up, albeit in less detail. I still think it's a good idea, but it does take more effort than I expected.

    Edit: lol ninja'd.

  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    @heindrich1988 i just began to look back a bit and rethink about things.

    1- from Maeglin's bio: "Imoen arrived at Candlekeep as yet another orphan, shortly after Kang in fact." this phrase is something we should have thought about changing when we switched up charnames. at first it was correct because Kang was the bhaalspawn and so Imoen arrives after, but now with Maeglin being charname it should be shortly after Maeglin because the story says she arrived after

    2- i have rethought Maeglin's behavior and that I made a mistake by relating him to robin hood as a take from the rich give to the poor. Rich certainly are fun targets for him and I intend to give money when it is an option, but when we met Alora she made me relate Maeglin to that. He is curious about other peoples things, and finds thieving just really fun. A bit like Imoen also. I guess maybe I should rethink that, because I have been doing a lot of shady things that my original description wouldn't allow. basically I was trying to make him good and a thief, but of course our heroic actions in adventuring makes us good, and I am not robbing beggars or every random person in town. I have mostly just been taking up and doing thieving missions that blurs the line on the robin hood desc

    i hope to get around to actually writing sometime soon. i will use my save files and the journals of Andre to get some dates for them and general events

  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
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    Andre's (long awaited) Journal:

    Day Firfty Four:

    - Just a half day's walk from the Beregost temple, we came across the long abandoned, and acclaimed haunted school of Ulcaster. A place of higher learning in the arcane that was sacked nigh unto three centuries ago, by rival magi of Calimshan, in an attempt to accrue its secrets for their own. The haunting aspect did deter me from enjoying myself inside, as did more of those wretched wolves, but Kang and I had hoped to find some remains of arcane knowledge within, so we soldiered on. Unfortunately, aside from an old account on the siege of Ulcaster itself, there was little of value held among the ruins.
    - We marched south toward another, slightly younger ruin, the old elven town of Firewine. A great battle, merely a short century after the Calishite calamity, rendered the area awash with wild magic, leaving the town and its surroundings uninhabitable. This was partially explained to us by a fellow bard we met on the battered bridge that spanned the wide, dried up river bed. This bard, Poe, recited a tale of the battle of the Glorious Knights, that, as it later turned out, held more truth than some of us had expected. The remarkably well preserved underground halls held more than simply ancient artifacts however, as it seemed an ogre-mage, and his following, had taken up residence there. They posed little trouble to us in the end.
    - One of the tunnel exits led to a small gnome town, called Gullykin. The locals were agreeable enough to offer us healing, since room and board were out of the question.

    Day Fifty Five:

    - After a good night's rest we ventured back to the Firewine ruins to talk to Poe and affirm his story to be true, undead knights and all. Once we explored the outlying area further, we encountered a pompous, self-acclaimed sword-master who seemed to sneer at our presence. Maeglin vaguely sneered at his attire in return, but I was able to assure the man we meant no offense. Luckily, he left without troubling us any further.
    - When we ventured down into the river bed however, I was met with a cruel vision indeed. My mistress Carsa, whom I knew to be dead, appeared before our very eyes, spouting nothing but nonsense, waving a peculiar jar around. Any attempts to reason with her were futile, she did not even recognise me in the least. A mind consumed with, and by, this glowing glass jar. In a bid to part her with the accursed item, she became violent and uttered a name, which rendered her body lifeless, after which it crumbled into dust. Through the name uttered, a powerful creature, enveloped in magic, materialised from the jar, and proclaimed himself Karhk, mightiest of ogre-magi. While exceedingly powerful, we managed to overcome him, but the mystery of why this apparition looked and sounded exactly like Carsa remained as such. My worst fear was that she had been summoned from the outer planes by this creature and enslaved. But regardless, with his demise, I hope her spirit found the rest she so justly deserves, and finds peace at last on the fields of Arcadia.

    Day Fifty Nine:

    - We are finally nearing the bandit encampment we have been searching for these last few months. With a clever ruse, Maeglin convinced a bandit lieutenant to take us into the fold and they are escorting us there as I write. They were nice enough to throw us into a wagon, though I suspect they simply do not wish us to see the route there at this time.
    - The first clue we found that put us on our current path was found in the Feldepost, in Beregost, where we met the mage who imprisoned Branwen. Apparently he was in league with the bandit scum and we were forced to serve some long awaited justice. We then proceeded to scour the area described in his notes for the camp. While we did not come across the lieutenant in question for another day or two, we met many interesting creatures along the way. Some demented mage enslaving the local basilisk population for nefarious, yet unknown purposes, gave us little worry in the end, partly due to my knowledge of the creatures themselves, and how to counteract their gaze. Shortly after that we made the acquaintance of a woman-warrior, most pleasing to the eye. Her demeanour was somewhat more crass as she coerced Maeglin into a duel. Of course our half elf leader lost, to no-one's surprise. Lastly we were also approached by a talking ghoul, of which many of us were wary, but with our recent experience with talking poultry I dissuaded the group from murdering a possibly innocent soul. It did, admittedly, try to kill us but an hour later, but one cannot always be correct.
    - The camp draws near, so I shall have to continue this on a later date.

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  • LiberelliLiberelli Member Posts: 170
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    Andre's Journal:

    Day Sixty:

    - This morning, we arrived back at the Friendly Arm, following a very tumultuous night. After having his intelligence questioned by our equally mentally challenged leader, the bandit captain, a bellowing brute named Tazok, allowed us free reign on the camp grounds. I suppose it takes but one brute to fool another.
    - When we finally made some headway in our investigation, our ruse unraveled and an altercation arose in the captain's tent. The bandit leaders left us no quarter, so we responded in kind. We had little trouble dispatching them, and a captive rogue disclosed many a secret to us. All of it conjecture of course, but revealing nonetheless.
    - Upon returning to the inn, we ran into old man Elminster once more, and again, he was well aware our our recent exploits, as well as, apparently, some of our actions yet to come. Quizzical as ever, he did not explain his sources or motivations, but he simply affirmed our current destination: the Cloakwood.

    Day Sixty Four:

    - These dense woodlands are getting to me. Aside from it's arthropodal denizens, the incessant precipitation is enough to drive one beyond the borders of insanity. We've encountered several dubious characters so far, and have run afoul with some rather fanatic woodland druids. They threatened to slay a city merchant, without due cause, so we could not stand idly by.
    - Not far from there we were stopped by quite an eloquent enthusiast of dragon slaying. He told us of a substantial bounty on the heads of the local Wyvern populace.
    - Drawing near to the arachnids' main lair, there was a man sitting by the side of a river, visibly distraught. He told us his sad tale of how his brother went out to slay some spiders, but was presumably lost. We assured him we would keep an eye out, but our presumptions were sound as we later found his lifeless body in the heart of a spider mound. Never again do I set foot in a place so foul and revolting, so no doubt Maeglin will never have to invite me, should he ever settle down.

    Day Sixty Six:

    - We stand at the precipice this fine morning. The rain has let up somewhat, and through the foliage, we can make out what seems to be the mine we have been searching for. If not for my charismatic nature, and my stunning good looks of course, we might have not made it through the night, for it seems this forest is home to an order of shadow druids. These often unscrupulous woodland residents, take it upon themselves to rid those that disrespect nature, among which of course, our current quarry. We were able to convince them of our mutual disdain of such heinous acts, and as such, were left alone, and granted some guidance to boot.
    - At last, the culprit in the matter of the iron crisis is but a few dim halls away. It is now but a small matter of ridding them of any inept guards and striking a blow into the heart of this evil.

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    Andre's Journal: (the plot thickens)

    Day Sixty Eight:

    - Tonight, we rest at the Friendly Arm once more, before setting out to the big city in the morning. Evidence found in the iron mines of the nearby Cloakwood, puts a name and a place to the real villains behind this elaborate scheme. The crafty, cantrip-casting caitiff that ruled the mineral reserve, Daveorn, proved quite devious in his defense, using spell traps to conjure a chain of ill-conceived creatures to aid him in combat. Although we disabled a great deal of them, the swindling scoundrel still retained his overwhelming status by using dimension doors to fling lightning bolts into the heart of our party from every available angle. Maeglin however, having found a pair of enchanted footwear, was now, apparently, faster than lightning, so he made short work of him in the end. Between a copious compendium of assorted books and journals, and his anxious apprentice willing to divulge all that he knew, it soon became clear that Baldur's Gate held the true secrets to unravel this mystery.
    - We flooded the mines after sorting out the bandit infested corridors, and securing the release of the slaves they kept. While most of the ruffian scum were already dead, we rescued a dwarf named Yeslick, who insisted we make sure his ancestral home would never be used to such nefarious purposes again.

    Day Sixty Nine:

    - The city of Baldur's Gate is our final refuge of today. We arrived in the failing light, and before running into the age old wizard again, we were halted by a commanding officer of the region's law bringers, the Flaming Fist. He introduced himself as Scar, second in command of the Fist, and invited us to take on a job investigating a local merchant group with questionable business ethics of late. We accepted, for while our own matters seem pressing indeed, we deemed it unwise to run afoul of the law, given we will more than likely need them once this evil seed is rooted out and cast into the light.
    - Elminster, less convoluted this time, assured us of the integrity of the Flaming Fist leadership, and also shed some light, albeit a small one, on Maeglin's foster father, Gorion. I try not to pry in this personal affair too much if possible, but it does seem as though he is still keeping some key information to himself.
    - Restocked and refreshed, we started this morning from the nearest inn, but without our fearless leader present. I have noticed some shady characters since we arrived yesterday, and many a rumor mentions a thieves guild in the city. Whether these two correlate, I do hope his nightly escapades only involve alcohol and women, for I think many of us would loathe to cross the law while in this city.

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    Andre's Journal:

    Day Seventy:

    - It has been quite some time, given our recent wandering nature, since we've encountered the previously ever present threat of assassination. While they've mostly been of the more direct cutthroat approach, last night it seems they've finally taken to their job with a slight more intelligence. A man named Marek approached us in one of the city's many alleyways to deliver us a message. It would seem we had been poisoned at some time during the night, and now this man is presenting us with an ultimatum: leave town, and our pursuit of the Iron Throne, or die. Of course we don't take kindly to threats and are now looking to secure a release from this slow and agonising demise. One cannot be done in by such unsightly means, even less so since Maeglin was their only target to begin with. Perhaps a deal could be struck? I bear him no ill will, but I'll not have Maeglin be the death of me.

    Day Seventy Two:

    - Lothander, Marek's accomplice, who was coerced into this scheme, informed us that our current predicament could only be resolved through sacrifice. To release Lothander from his geas, we were to appease the priests of Umberlee at their temple here in Baldur's Gate. Given our previous encounters with the Queen of the Depths' patrons, I deemed it necessary to visit the local temple of our Fair Lady, and pray for some long awaited good fortune. Once at the temple however, we were approached by a child, bearing quite dire news indeed. Umberlee's following had apparently slain a child in cold blood for the meager infraction of trespassing, and one thing we could all agree on, was that slaying children was an unforgivable transgression for which we would mete out just retribution, by Tyr.
    - We agreed among ourselves to hear their reasoning and perhaps turn them into the hands of the law, given their misgivings were, in some fashion, excusable, but they were not. In the end they were most uncooperative, and after having them remove Lothander's curse, we sacked the unholy temple and put down any and all resistance.
    - By nightfall we were finally able to reverse this inevitable and untimely death, and it became increasingly clear that our presence here was both unwanted and not without peril.

    Day Seventy Three:

    - Four days now we've been in the city, four! I haven't the slightest idea what Maeglin is thinking, but any attempts to direct him to the Flaming Fist compound fall upon deaf ears. His frequent disappearances were quite a mystery at first, but last night, as I took the time to restock on supplies at the Hall of Wonders, which is conveniently open at all hours, I saw him coming out of a restricted area of the museum, acting rather shifty. I called him on his strange actions and he confessed to me that he was there to steal an item on exhibition, for an equally shady gnome somewhere in the city. My obvious aversion for his actions were largely ignored, as per usual, but I urged him to refrain from further clandestine behaviour, and also advised him not to tell the others, lest he be flogged by Kang.
    - On a lighter note, we learned of a captive creature on the streets yesterday and took the time to investigate. Apparently two rival magi were both attempting to secure ownership of a nubile nymph, who was already suffering from the prolonged marine destitution, and she was quite visibly wasting away. The mage Razamith conscripted us to secure this creature from his rival, at any cost, for mere trinkets. We played along, hoping to ensure the safety of the nymph before antagonising anyone. Unfortunately the actual captor was blinded by a misguided lust and did not see his erring ways were causing this beauteous creature to slowly die off, being away from home for so long. He eventually turned hostile when Kang lost his temper, and we were forced to defend ourselves. The other mage was still of sound mind, but of much less moral fiber, seeking only to enslave the poor nymph, so we decided to bring him to justice after releasing their prisoner. For all his splendor, he proved to be of little consequence in the end.

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    Andre's Journal: (once again with failing time frames :P)

    Day Seventy Six:

    - At long last, our band of benevolent brigands arrived at the Flaming Fist fortress this morning and was tasked with rooting out a rumored plot on one of the local merchant moguls. Kang quickly grew impatient with said merchants' vague omissions, and by pressing their patience, he eventually revealed them as the ever snide and savourless shapeshifters that they were. With their ruse intermitted, the doppelganger menace proceeded to combat us at every turn. Being divided across the many floors of the establishment, we relied on our experience in a previous encounter with these insipid interlopers, mere hours prior, when once again assisting our 'friend' Aldeth, whom we rescued on our course through the consternating Cloakwood. His household was also infested with these abhorrent abominations, and in slaying said usurpers, we were bestowed a weapon of great value in fighting off such fiends.
    - Mere minutes after the Seven Suns skirmish started, the compound was cloaked in silence once more. Having rid ourselves of any shapeshifting psychopaths, and securing the safety of Jhasso, proprietor of the merchant guild, we returned to Scar to receive our just reward.
    - While our work is worthy of praise, having served a lofty purpose in providing succor to the strong arm of the law, Scar would now have us crawling through the rank and putrid cesspool that is the city sewers. Granted, the task is once more noble in the outset, rescuing or discerning the locale of certain missing citizens, yet I cannot bring myself to agree to skulking for murderous miscreants while knee deep in Baldur's gate's collective excremental sediment. Maeglin had no qualms, to no surprise of most of us, so Kang and I reluctantly followed the rest of the group down into the narrow septic conduits. Once there, we quickly found the source of the disappearances. A vile ogre-mage of the lowest sort, in more ways than one, had been luring innocent people down into the depths to relieve them of their valuables. We made short work out of it and it's minions and quickly returned to the surface. Luckily Kang always has a useful spell handy and as such, managed to magically clean off the muck on our garments once we returned topside.

    Day Seventy Nine:

    - Today we arrived at the widely renowned library of Candlekeep after a rather turbulent turn of events. Once our tasks for Scar were completed, he introduced us to one of the Dukes of Baldur's Gate, Grand Duke Eltan, who tasked us with investigating the Iron Throne building overlooking the harbour. Since this was largely our plan to begin with, we readily agreed to put an end to this beguiled banditry. Upon entering the building, Maeglin nearly cut open a merchant running for his life. Convinced the man was another lackey of the Throne, he almost stuck him like a pig before the rest of us could intervene. Tymora be praised, we did manage to calm him down and were also able to extract some information out of the frightened soul. Our agreed upon ruse of claiming to be foreign dignitaries on urgent business, which Kang was so adamant about, failed at the first sight of a lowly sentry. Apparently even the basest of lackeys were quite up to speed of our identity. We cut our way through one bandit after another, until we reached the top of the towering spire, where a band of blustering buffoons belittled our group, and most of all, Maeglin himself. They were apparently awaiting our arrival, as yet another assortment of assassins, assigned to assist us in our passing. Having been accosted by brigands at every turn, we've grown exceptionally accustomed in disposing of such disgraceful dissidents, and it was not long before we returned to the Duke, with ill tidings. With documents proving the Throne's hand in the recent iron crisis, Duke Eltan directed us to proceed to Candlekeep, as the notes placed the merchant group's leaders there at this time. Ere we start our investigation inside however, we shall inquire around the keep for any and all strange behaviour.

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    Sorry for mucking up your forum, but I just wanted to say that it's been a real treat reading about your adventures across the Sword Coast. You guys have inspired me to do the same. I can't wait to read about all of your adventures in Amn! Keep up the good work.

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    Frond said:

    Sorry for mucking up your forum, but I just wanted to say that it's been a real treat reading about your adventures across the Sword Coast. You guys have inspired me to do the same. I can't wait to read about all of your adventures in Amn! Keep up the good work.

    i guess you can thank @liberelli the most because he is the one keeping up with it lol. @heindrich was doing a let's play, and I am just not finding time lol but I will get around to it when I have time

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    I was looking forward to seeing other ppl's point of view on our adventures, but i'm rly enjoying writing on my own either way :P
    I'm sure we'll get a little more diversity at some point, when the others have some more time.

    Thanks for reading at least, that's what they're here for ;)

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    at long last, scholars have found another passage from Maeglin's journal and the legend continues! (all the way back just after Nashkel lol)

    i apologize that it will not be in depth or very good, but this is stuff from long ago. I will just try and fill in the dots to catch up with more recent stuff. as it is Maeglin is growing in power and confidence as he kills across the coast and his Bhaal blood is showing a little, but he isn't murdering innocents so much as aggressively slaughtering his evil enemies among the bandits

    wilderness and bandit camp

    [spoiler] entry 14- convincing the others has been... easier than I had thought. as I had expected Imoen would stay with me, and with that comes Kang. with a bit of gold bribing to Don and reminding Andre about the potential in this story (as much as I hate to be a part of any story, I have no claim to fame) he has proven that he is a fine combatant as well, and I rather like him among my companions. branwen has even agreed to follow us, a warrior looking for a cause. we set out now. I doubt I shall be keeping up with this for a while.

    entry 15- days and weeks in the wilderness, and I finally begin to wonder if I will find anything! we have seen many things from Drizzt to talking chickens, but nothing that will save me from these endless attacks on my life. what makes me think by just searching like I am that I am going to get so lucky to find them? the sword coast is big! i have, however, run into the bandits on occasions, but it always ends in a fight with nothing learned. i realize, however, that I can't settle down or assassins will come, so what else am I to do? one thing this experience has done for me was continue my combat training and I begin to feel more sure of my abilities. the adventure will need to continue, but I am not the scared little child I once was. when I find them, I will be ready

    entry 16- today we are staying in Beregost where Branwen met an old friend, Tranzig, the mage who turned her to stone. after heated words we engaged the mage and from his body I found long await answers. tranzig is working with the bandits that threaten me, and I know the location of their camp now. we will set out immediately to end this. at least, I hope this is the end...

    entry 17- it has been a very productive day I feel! we infiltrated the bandits and they didn't see a thing coming, but what do I expect when they are led by an ogre? we did cause a bit of ruckus in Tazok's tent, but we left the camp red with bandit blood as we fought our way out with new knowledge on our enemies. however, the bandits have made things very personal, and so I opted to stay a moment where I burned the camp so that Tazok may see when he returns. why should I pity my enemy when they attack me without reason as they do? what have I done? i disrupted their Nashkel operation yes, but they have been after me before this.

    amidst all the evidence, though, Kang still seems to think he is the target of all this. maybe he should rethink and realize that at least he is not the one who's life is being threatened if he were to just split with the group. i do love to rub it in his face how special I seem to be, but to be honest this doesn't seem like a good kind of special. nevertheless he still seems at least a little pissed that he is but a shadow beside me in these assassins' eyes.

    from her at the friendly arm we intend to go west into cloakwood forest. the camp is not the end, and I will find more answers in their mine deep in the forest. there is a storm coming for them, and they will have no mercy at this point! [/spoilers]

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    Andre's Journal:

    Day Eighty:

    - Framed! The devious devil named Sarevok, of whom we had but heard of by reputation so far, has convinced the local authorities that we murdered his father Reiltar and his companions in cold blood. While this is mostly accurate, he did of course not mention their part in the recent iron shortage, and their affiliation with such bandit scum as the Chill and Black Talon groups. We were given no quarter, nor were we granted a hearing to absolve ourselves as agents of justice, in service of Duke Eltan. Ulraunt, Keeper of the Tomes, and leader of Candlekeep, passed sentence on our party and had us locked in a holding cell to await execution. Fortunately, a local scholar named Tethtoril was more sympathetic to our situation, as he was well aware of Maeglin's "good" nature, and spirited us away to the catacombs under the keep, so that we might clear our name and put a stop to this unholy plot against the good people of the Sword Coast.
    - Dire as our current predicament would seem, our woes were dwarfed by what Maeglin himself discovered while in Gorion's old quarters. A most disturbing letter divulged in detail the true circumstances surrounding Maeglin's birth. It appeared that he was an unwilling part of the age old prophecy of Alaundo the Wise, in that he was one of the seeds of discord, sown by the Lord of Murder himself. Quite distraught at this discovery, he reluctantly shared the harrowing revelation with the group, to varying, but equally heart-rending reactions among us all. While some of us were more understanding and comforting, with a mind toward the gentle nature he had portrayed thus far, Kang of course, promptly petrified our reprobate ringleader and proceeded to coerce the rest of us to cut him down like some sort of demon spawn. Which, I suppose, he was... after a fashion. We urged the bloodthirsty braggart to stay his hand, for despite his shortcomings, Maeglin had made us into somewhat of a family these last few months. However unnerved i was at first to be traveling with what amounted to be a half god, I somehow do not feel like Maeglin is about to sprout horns and breathe fire. I'd say Kang would be a lot more likely to do as such.

    Day Eighty One:

    - Our escape from the Candlekeep catacombs was not without peril. I had expected there to be some ghoulish creatures roaming the crypts, as is common in unspoiled undercrofts as these, but the vile villain Sarevok had set aside some shady assailants in wait for us as we made our way out. Before we were able to reach these unsavory underlings however, we were beset by more of those nebulous nasties that gave us such grief in the big city. While they would usually be of little consequence, they were more of a challenge of wits, mostly for our shaken skipper, as they took forms of any and all of his childhood friends and family. As a group we managed to raze the ruse of these atrocious abominations, and make our way to the surface without much toil and tribulation.
    - As we are now outcasts, hunted by the Fist and any other autority figure in the whole of the region, we must seek shelter outside of most major settlements as we attempt to clear our name. Rumors speak of a town just north of the Wood of Sharp Teeth, said to be a haven for many unscrupulous scoundrels, which unfortunately, would include us now. We set out now to reach this village in an attempt to gather information as to how to best reinstate our good name among the righteous, instead of the bandit scum we've sought to root out.

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    Andre's Journal: (amazing how appalling this forum's spell check is... wtb dictionary for the forum pls :P)

    Day Eighty Three:

    - Ulgoth's Beard, the backwater borough in which we sought to seek shelter after the Candlekeep catastrophe, was not quite as accommodating as we had hoped. While we were fairly far from prying eyes, looking to reveal our now criminal coalition to the Fist, we soon found it to house many other questionable vocations. A man named Shandalar, who was apparently no stranger to Maeglin - he would know such shady characters - asked us for a favour, without any real indication to cause or compensation. After offering our assistance, he trapped us on a freezing island, home to the lost and deranged, most of which were rather ravenous spellslingers, hurling bolts of lighting without question. Of course, once we secured our release, and Shandalar's cloak, the fiend blinked to another place, or plane, without even so much as a word of appreciation.
    - Rumors around town mentioned the Tower of Durlag Trollkiller, just south of the nearby woodlands, upon which our dwarven fellows expressed a strong desire to visit their kin. While most of the stories told of great misfortune and death within the halls, they also often mentioned great riches, which was music to Maeglin's ears. While none would disagree the extra coin would expedite our quest in clearing our name and putting a stop to Sarevok's plans, not everyone was jumping to go spelunking at a time like this. I just hope we can secure some tidbits of information among the ruins, and possibly an interesting artifact or two.
    - We stand at the cusp of this broken bastille of purported blight, and as our stocky friends are eager to enter, I find myself disinclined to exhibit such enthusiasm. I fear it may be some time before I continue my journal, for with such unholy creatures stalking the surrounding area, it does not bode well for what lies within.

    Day Eighty Six:

    - Our Fair Lady has sheltered us throughout our expedition inside Durlag's Tower of horrors, for surely, we would not have made it out without her grace. Most men can find courage facing monsters big and small. A spider may strike fear in the inexperienced, a doppelganger would make mince meat of the unwary, but we are long past such callow concerns. Would that all we faced was traversing treacherous traps and bellowing beasties, but we were met with fiends from the far reaches of the outer planes. Upon entering, our 'tour guide' was literally turned inside out by a creature claiming to be the new lord of the keep. A self-proclaimed demon knight, brought forth by virtue of strife, left behind by what befell Durlag himself, and no doubt facilitated by the broken veil in the area, urged us to leave, lest it wrest the life from our corpses for trespassing on it's new home.
    - To slay a demon brings great glory to the daring adventurer, but a fate worse than death awaits those that fail in their quest. This, by all accounts, lesser demon, was still more powerful than any creature we'd faced before it, and not all of us were quite as ready to face such adversity. Still we persevered, for aside from glory, surely riches and power would also come to those that rid the world of such evil forces. Surprisingly, this was not the only demon housed in the age old keep, for half of our party was seduced by a most salacious succorant, also hailing from the deepest layers of the Abyss. While the knight provided us much more grief before it's end, this winged devil still posed quite the challenge for our companionship, since we are mainly males, and such creatures prey on us with furious vigour. Were it not for my own charm, I suspect only fair Imoen would have seen past the ploy of this captivating creature. Many men jest at the pleasure provided by these voracious vixens, but I'm sure no pleasure begat in the Abyss can ever be deemed 'good' by mortal men.

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    Andre's Journal: (bit of a long one, as it's the last and i tried to compact a lot of stuff into one)

    Day Eighty Eight:

    - Our return to Ulgoth's Beard did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. After defeating the scourge that took root in the ruined tower of Durlag, and securing the dagger for the Stoneblade dwarf, we returned hoping for a warm welcome and numerous pleas to regale in recognition of our exploits. Instead we were met with more assassination attempts, but not from the Throne, or even the Fist, as one would expect at this point, but from some nefarious cult. They sought to use said dagger to bring forth yet another Demon, hoping it would usher in a new golden age for the ambitious malefactors. Despite it being a creature of immense power, we were once again blessed by our Lady Luck as it seemed we interrupted the ritual just in time. The beast was unable to reach it's full potential and as such, we were able to drive it back to the evil recesses from whence it was summoned. After clearing the den of any lingering sinister sycophants, we returned the dagger to it's rightful owner, and proceeded to make our way back to the big city.
    - Sticking to the shadows, Maeglin guided us through the narrow alleyways, away from the ever present eye of the Flaming Fist. Discouraging news of Scar's death and a strange illness that held Duke Eltan in its vicious grasp had us question the integrity of what remained of the mercenary group, so we sought assistance from our old friend Aldeth on our way to Duke Eltan. Not entirely unsurprising, our 'friend' had already struck a deal with the Fist, in fear of getting associated with known 'murderers'. With a keen sense of cunning, we evaded his trap and most patrols, and found our way into the Duke's quarters, just in time to save him from yet another doppelganger, sent to secure Sarevok's grip on the city's leadership.
    - After following Eltan's wishes to bring him to his friend, the harbourmaster, we ran into a fair lady, clad in black, imploring us to simply foil Sarevok's plans without outright killing him. While Kang was adamant about ending his life at the first chance, Maeglin seemed to see reason more than his childhood friend. Perhaps it is their blood bond giving him pause, or simply his good-natured disposition, either way, I'm glad he's in it for justice, rather than simply blind vengeance. I should hope he remains true to this noble path, lest he become worse than those we hunt.

    Day Eighty Nine:

    - Sarevok's would be lover directed us to the Iron Throne offices, so that we could secure proof of his attempted coup. Upon returning to the top floor of the Throne building, we were met with force once more. Another suitor, vying for Sarevok's non-existing affections, sent her minions to collect our heads, to no avail, as usual. Once she surrendered however, and I assumed we'd extend mercy, as befitting our noble group, she was cut down in cold blood regardless. My adherence to the previous belief in Maeglin's integrity is beginning to waver. Sarevok's journal revealed our suspicions that he planned to take over as the Grand Duke after he had slain the remaining two Dukes during his coronation.
    - With evidence on Sarevok's evil plans in hand, all that remained was gaining entry to the Palace. His consort had pointed out that his personal assassins had invitations to the event, and we had but to take their place, and so we did.
    - We managed to get caught out in the streets after taking a short break to recuperate, as we had a few hours left till the coronation, but we were out of there before I had time to complain. A dubious gnome apparently had a key in his cell, which he lent us in exchange for winning a challenge of wits. I dared not ask why he still remained inside if he had the means of escape, but it was but an after thought, as we quickly made our way to the palace once we got out.
    - The party itself was more of a massacre. As it turned out, most, if not all of the noblemen were in fact, more doppelgangers out for blood. We managed to save the remaining two Dukes but Sarevok was spirited away by his mentor before we could strike him down. Belt did the same for us, and sent us to the thieves guild, from whence the villain made his way to the Undercity, an apparent crypt city deep underground. Along the way we found several of Sarevok's followers, whom he had cut down, for the sheer pleasure of it. Even they pleaded for his death, something I'm beginning to agree with, seeing the extent of his malign intent.
    - Tamoko, Sarevok's former lover, who had pleaded for his life previously, attempted once more to secure a promise that would save his soul. we were not so accommodating this time. The lone temple stands among the ruins of what seems like an ancient city underneath the streets of Baldur's Gate. This will be the final battleground, but only if we succeed.

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    The Pursuit of Murder: (final)

    - As the massive gates swung open with obligatory groaning, a strong gust of wind carried a foul stench from within the eerie hall, almost compelling us to flee, more so than any of Sarevok's cronies before it. The exotic beauty, spoiled by his vile touch, stood perplexed underneath the archway, contemplating on where she went wrong, and how she might have saved her love from his unyielding self-destructive nature. An admirable endeavour, yet ultimately hopeless.
    Peering over the shoulder of our intrepid leader, the dim hollow hall seemed without end, until the floor lit up, and flames were kindled along it's vast towering walls, in rapid succession.
    There he stood, in full ornate glory, looming over us from upon his dais, and swiftly culling his lackeys from behind the many pillars to the sides. With a deep, grating voice, he welcomed us to his gloomy abode.
    "You are indeed family. No other could have lived to oppose me in person. Of course it will not matter in the end. Ultimately I will prevail, and a new era will be born unto the realms."
    All the ominous words and pompous boasting in the world could not dissuade us from our mission, and having affirmed Maeglin's better judgement on several occasions, there was nothing left to stop us putting an end to his decrepit kin.
    - After proclaiming his rule as the new Lord of Murder, Sarevok challenged us, but more specifically, Maeglin, to attack and prove our inadequacy, as he was positive of his superior might. Emboldened by our recent victories, our more brazen frontliners charged the villain, unwittingly setting off dastardly traps, placed in front of the dais in an audacious attempt to thin out our numbers before we could put the unabashed Bhaalspawn to the sword. A venomous vapor filled the field and felled our friend Maeglin where he stood. Were it not for his resolute resistance to such poisons, he would surely not have been able to recover as he did. Tazok and Angelo, familiars among his den of devotees, were of little consequence, as they fell victim to the very noxious noose they had designed for our detriment. Sarevok's pet mageling had more sense, as he seemed to know exactly where to stand, and where to strike. Semaj, a wizard of almost comparable equivalence to Kang's own prowess, seemed very knowledgeable about our group, despite being completely unknown to us. He stepped into a dimension door, and appeared on the other side of the billowing brume, where I had perched myself to get a clean shot of Sarevok's gleaming eyes in hopes of ending it with a single arrow. In an unexpected fit of brilliance, Semaj targeted the most crucial member of our team first, as he had no doubt heard of my amazing power of confusion, he saw fit to shame me as he rendered my actions null and void. Burdened with being only able to witness my actions, but not control them, I could only watch in horror as I found myself nocking an arrow, aimed at fair Imoen. I managed a shout, breaking the spell but for a moment, upon which our brave cleric threw himself in line of the shot, sacrificing himself for the young lass, as the arrow struck him in the chest. I followed up with several more before the confusion lifted from my mind and I was returned to all my facilities. Luckily, Imoen was able to dodge the hail and strike down Semaj before he could inflict more destruction upon our weakened party.
    - Donathal kept Sarevok at bay with the aid of Kang's sorceries, for it seemed like he was all too eager to descend upon poor unconscious Maeglin and run his sword through the now defenseless thief. As I regained control of my senses, Imoen and I sped to the side of our companions and attempted to help draw his attention away from Maeglin. Just as he flurried and pushed aside Donathal, Sarevok made a dash for Kang in a bid to thin our numbers. He raised his sword and as I could not make it there in time, I feared the worst. Fortunately, my prayers to Tymora have not gone unnoticed, and our Fair Lady's grace seemed to have extended to almost all of our companions.
    Kang emitted a burst of flame in the armored devil's face, blinding him long enough for Maeglin, now recovered from his destitute slumber, to drive a dagger through the scales of his thick armor, and into his heart. The malicious wretch found little time to flail, and as he scurried to remove the blade, Maeglin finished him off by cutting his throat.
    - With a heavy thump, the lifeless body, clad in full plate armor, crashed to the ground, crushing the marble tiles under it's weight. While his nefarious plate mail remained relatively unmarked, Sarevok's flesh began to crack and crumble, until his entire body had broken apart and turned to dust. Among the remaining wafts of smoke, and charred burn marks, the hall was rendered a fuming funeration, filled with corpses. The would-be God-King, was no more. With a heavy heart, we took stock of what we had wrought, and prepared to carry brave Yeslick's corpse topside so he could be given a proper burial.
    - War has been averted, Duke Eltan is sure to recover and the Sword Coast will no doubt continue to endure, given relations with Amn are restored.

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  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    sounds like we killed Tamoko in the writing, but we actually talked her down

    also sucked about the whole trap thing because I had hoped Maeglin would have more glory in the battle, but it was nice that I did get in for one of the last strike on him. I would have been really dissapointed if I wasn't attacking him when he died, and the backstab looked nice. really wish we could have gotten the screenshot of the scene :(

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