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Two Weapon Fighting penalties too high?

I started up a new game in BG:EE to play around with a Kensai build with the intention of dual-classing to either Mage or Thief in BG2.
I've given him 3 points in Two Weapon Fighting... but for some reason the penalty on his offhand is -4 despite the tooltip reading a 3 point investment at 0 for main hand and -2 for offhand.

He's wielding Drizzt's scimitars. Both +3, so it's not a weapon enhancement discrepancy or a proficiency penalty...

I have 2 points in Two Weapon Fighting with Jaheira as well and strangely... her offhand penalties for her offhand are -6?

I checked the known bugs and this isn't listed... anybody else having this problem?


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,068
    This could be a "- is bunus, + is peanalty confusion" case. That said I am noticing that the kensai's 3 level bonus to hit does not seem to be applying itself to the off-hand. I will report that bug. In the mean time, just to be extra sure I know exactly what you are talking about, could you upload your save file?

  • EmptinessEmptiness Member Posts: 238
    edited December 2013
    +++ in Two Weapon Fighting appears to be working correctly, at least with new characters created in SoA.

    I'm also seeing that the Kensai to-hit bonus is not being applied to the offhand, which I also agree is a problem. Note that the Kensai damage bonus does apply to both weapons, which supports the idea that the lack of a Kensai bonus to-hit with the offhand is a bug.

    As for the modifiers you are seeing, I was able to get the to-hit details to read:
    Ability Bonuses: -2
    Off Hand THAC0-Katana: +4
    The ability bonus is of course the Kensai bonus to hit. In your post you refer to a -4 "penalty", which I think is the same as the +4 "bonus" the engine is reporting in my case - ie both mean "chance to hit shifted 4 points in the direction of being less likely to hit". If that it the case, then I might know what is going on. In order to get the engine to display this value I equipped a weapon in which the character was proficient in the main hand, and a weapon in which the character was not proficient in the offhand. If my understanding of your post is accurate and both you and Jaheira have has a weapon in the offhand without proficiency in that weapon, then that would explain the numbers you are seeing her penalty.

    Edit: Oh, now I see the part where you are wielding two my theory fails. Maybe it explains Jahera's situation, though.

  • LorosfyrLorosfyr Member Posts: 18
    She is wielding two clubs.

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 2,558
    Obviously, you have at least + in scimitar, yes? I almost hate to ask that but we need to address all possible sources of error. You might also want to double-check stylbonu.2da and make certain that the listings for "twoweapon-2" and "twoweapon-3" have the correct numbers for thac0_right and thac0_left.

  • SkaroseSkarose Member Posts: 247
    I noticed this problem too, has anyone addressed this recently, or knows the specifics about this fault?

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