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Zeckul is down

ZeckulZeckul Member Posts: 1,031
edited December 2013 in Off-Topic
Some may remember me for my role-playing Let's Plays, notably Baldur's Gate and Mask of the Betrayer. My Youtube channel was Some people actually wrote good stuff about it:

Well, that channel was apparently closed recently, as I discovered tonight. I received no email from Youtube about it. Here is what I wrote tonight to [email protected]:

my Youtube channel "Zeckul" ( was closed "due to grave or repeated non-respect of terms of use". I believe this is a mistake.

I have received no notification of a copyright strike on my channel. I have received 7 Content ID matches, but in each and every case, the email I received explicitely stated that this had no incidence on the status of my account.

I can only hypothetize that the Content ID matches were confused with Copyright Strikes by your system. I will list them here as a reference:

I must stress that for each of these, I received an email stating (in French): "Cette réclamation n'a pas d'incidence sur l'état de votre compte" (This reclamation has no incidence on the status of your account). I hope you understand that I could never expect my channel to be closed and every video on it to become unavailable as a result of these matches. I received no warning nor any notification after the fact. I only discovered it as I attempted to access the channel.

I therefore ask that the channel be re-opened, as it had no copyright strike and no indication of bad standing. I act in good faith and I will take down any video that Youtube may flag as infringing copyright.

[My coordinates and legal disclaimer followed.]
Yeah, this sucks. :/ Even though I wasn't very active on the channel these days, I still had about 1600 subscribers and quite a loyal following. My LPs were also pretty good stuff I think, it's a shame it's suddenly unavailable for everyone.

I still have all the original videos for most if not all the Let's Plays, so I could always open a new channel and re-upload everything. Still, that would take a very long time and be a total pain in the ass. Nevermind that I now have no way to reach all my subscribers to tell them.

Anyway, with this post here at least someone googling what's happening with me can find the information.

Any thoughts on the copyright notices? This is really fucked up.



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