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Help with learning more advanced editing (more specifically, in regards to wands)

Some time back, I made a request that the wand of frost act more in line with how it is described in the 2nd edition AD&D DMG, where the wand can cast both cone of cold and ice storm. Seeing as it seems like this will never be done officially, I've been thinking more and more about trying to mod changes myself. Problem is, I've never done any kind of editing beyond fairly simple stuff such as editing 2DAs, creatures/characters, and STO files. I've downloaded and installed DLTCEP (for the most part, configuring things in the setup window is somewhat confusing), but things make much less sense to me than when I use Near Infinity. So I'm hoping someone here can either help me out directly with advice, or can point me in the right direction for advice. I'm hoping that this might be the first step toward eventually having enough knowledge of BG editing to create full fledged mods (such as a sort of total conversion mod that brings the game much closer to PnP rules), instead of just the tweaks I do now.


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